Watering the Garden in December

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Green Plastic Watering Can December is not a time when most homeowners are thinking about the garden or their landscape. This is a case of what you don’t know can hurt not only your yard, but also your pocketbook. If proper care and attention is not given in the fall, come springtime you will have to work hard, and pay more, to get your Denver landscaping back to the lush view you’ve come to expect.

Watering at the beginning of the dormant season can keep your lawn and garden healthy and reduce the amount of plant loss from drought. This is a time when plants store their energy for the growth they will need in the spring and into the summer. Healthy plants resist both disease and pests better than stressed, withered plants, and they will have an easier time when they wake up in spring.

Trees and larger plants need special consideration. A landscape professional can help you to know the warning signs of drought-stricken trees in the fall and take action before it is too late. These plants need a stable environment, as they can take longer to recover and they are more costly to replace.

Get ahead of the game with these tips on winter watering.

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