Great Tips for Winter Watering

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Water Hose dripping waterDon’t assume that because your irrigation system is shut off during the winter that means you are off duty from watering your landscape. In fact, it is during this time of year that it is extremely necessary to water your yard properly in order to have your landscape plants grow healthy and those colorful blooms pop up in the spring.

With your irrigation system off from November to May, first year plants need essential water and we recommend for existing landscapes water during this period as well. Evergreen plant materials are especially in need of winter water. As you know, the Front Range winters are typically mild and dry.  Fall and winter humidity levels commonly range from 9-13%. It takes 12” of snow to equal 1” of water. Lifescape recommends watering two times per month and applying a minimum of 1” of water per width of tree trunks to keep plants alive.

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