Seeing Squirrel Damage in your yard?

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squirrel in tree

Since this has been a dry year, there have been quite a few reports of squirrels doing damage to trees in the Denver area. The major reason why squirrels are damaging the trees is because they are looking for water. Usually getting water from water and mud puddles, or water that rests in your gutter along the roof, squirrels are going for moisture that exists in the sap of trees since there has not been a lot of rainfall. However, the trees are already thirsty for water themselves.

If you see signs of squirrel damage on your trees, here are 3 tips that can help:

1. Water once a month through October. You want to soak the soil with a deep root watering device. 6 to 8 inches deep is good.

2. Know where to water. Imagine a circle where the outermost branches extend over the ground (drip line). You want to water at various points within the drip line. Water close to the trunk as well as far from it.

3. Fertilizer. When Labor Day comes, add fertilizer to your deep-root watering device. During this time you want a fall blend that has the micro-nutrients good for fall fertilization.

Have questions about damage you see in your Denver area landscape?

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