What your Lawn Needs from You

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Did you know there was a science to lawn care. It’s not a complicated science, but still science nonetheless. Take a look at these four things researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) and experienced professionals had to say about lawn care.

1. Water – Check your soil moisture by sticking a screwdriver into the soil. Hard and resistant soil needs water, so if this is the case, allow water to soak at least at a good 3 inches into the soil, when it starts to run off or puddle, then stop watering.

2. Fertilizer – Wait until May to fertilize your lawns. You can apply it early, but only for the reason of “weed and feed”, which helps to control germination in early-season weeds.

3. Aeration – Be strategic about aerating your dry lawn. To get optimum benefits of aerating, your soil needs to be moist.

4. Mowing – Knowing how low to mow is very important. Standard Kentucky bluegrass lawn wants to be about 3-4″ tall, by nature. Set your mower height at 3″ and don’t cut off more than 1/3 of the total height of the grass.

Are you having issues with your Denver or Boulder area lawn?

Source: alcc.com