Life Outside: Luxury and Leisure in your Lansdcape

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With each day that passes, more and more we are moving our leisure time outdoors. You may have been thinking about some things you can have done to your landscape in order to make your life outside more enjoyable, but what are some of the problem areas that you want to deal with?

Take a look at these questions from the ALCC, they may help you identify 2012 yard projects:

  • Are there ongoing problem areas like low and mushy areas that always give the dog muddy feet?
  • Are there pretty places where you would love to sit if only there was shade or some privacy from the neighbors?
  • Would the earth elements of fire and water add some drama to your outdoor scene?
  • Is the sprinkler system not much more than a hit-or-miss operation?
  • Is the overall ambiance a little drab and in need of colorful plant pizzazz?
  • Would an outdoor food prep area near the grill save lots of steps?

From the questions you’ve probably gathered that planning a yard project is partly pragmatic and partly ambiance. What good are all the pretty flowers in the world if they can’t solve the aggravation of the mud hole in the corner.  Then when you turn it around, simply having the mud hole fixed won’t add that beauty to your yard that bright pink petunias will. It’s all about balance.

Have you seen any problem areas in your yard lately?