Helpful Tips on Selecting a Real Christmas Tree

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Some may already have their Christmas tree up, while others are looking for that perfect real tree that will fit their family room just right. Need a few tips on selecting a real Christmas tree? Here are a few tips Lifescape featured last year with a few new ones mixed in:

  • Be sure you know what size (height and width) you need before heading out.
  • Run a branch through your enclosed hand – the needles should not come off easily.
  • Pinch the needle to check for freshness, if there is a rich fragrance, that’s a fresh tree.
  • Look for other indicators of dryness or deterioration: excessive needle loss, discolored foliage, musty odor, needle pliability, and wrinkled bark. A good rule-of-thumb is, when in doubt about the freshness of a tree, select another one.
  • To maintain freshness while in the home, cut an inch off the base and put the trunk in a stand holding at least one gallon of water.
If you are interested in cutting your own tree this Christmas, the U.S. Forest Service manages 17 national forests throughout the Rocky Mountain region, they’ll issue you a permit as a resident to cut down trees within the forests.
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