Plants can recover from hail damage

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Last month there was some strong winds and pounding hail and rain that could have taken a toll on your garden. Some plants can be easily replaced, while it may be too late to replant some veggies from seed.  But there is good news. Although the hail and driving winds brought in debris, once that is all cleaned up, you probably noticed that your plants weren’t as damaged as you thought they might be. Especially the vegetables because unless they have been stripped of their leaves, they have a fighting chance of bouncing back.

Here are some tips:

  • While the garden is still muddy, stay out of it. Walking on wet soil can negatively impact your plants.
  • Go plant by plant when assessing your garden’s damage.
  • Make sure you prune away badly shredded leaves and broken stems and branches.
  • Keep leaves that just have holes in them. The plant needs them to photosynthesize to rebuild its health.
  • Make sure to examine the fruit.

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