What to know about Protecting your Trees this Year

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European Elm Scale
European Elm Scale

This year Colorado had a record dry winter followed by a record wet spring which means our trees took quite a beating with such unfavorable conditions. The impact on the trees is very apparent, because of the dry winter, you can see a lot of dead branches. And the wet spring, especially the rains that took place in May, brought fast growth and more growth than is usually seen.

It is important to prune out the dead wood from the winter, plus, get excessive new growth out before it starts to snow again. As you know, heavy snowfall can be very damaging to trees and the best way to avoid it is with proper pruning, especially this year.

Another issue to look out for is European elm scale. The scales suck out the sap and cause branches to die, however, this is a treatable issue and you can save the health of your trees by acting quickly.

The last issue is the Mountain Pine Beetle. Hitting the Denver area last fall, you have to fight this pest with preventative measures! Because once the tree is attacked, unfortunately it is too late.

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Photo Credit: utahpests.usu.edu