How long do seeds last?

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When you think about it, nature can be such a miraculous event. It’s almost like magic how these tiny seeds that are planted within the Earth grow to be huge pine trees, shrubs, pumpkins, strawberries and so much more. If you are getting ready for the Spring planting season, now is the perfect time to begin sorting out those old seeds and ordering your new ones.

If you are wondering about using last season’s left over seeds there is some information you need to know. Some plant varieties produce seeds that can last for centuries, but they are the exceptions. Plants like Anasazi beans that are collected from the cliff dwellings in southwestern Colorado that were planted soon after discovery were good to grow. Other long-lived plants are beans, corn and grain, but it’s important to note that their hybridized versions that are mostly used today do have a shelf-life. The best thing to do is check the expiration date on old seed bags and throw away the expired seeds.

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