Graceful Espaliers for your Garden

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Espaliers are graceful and can take hundreds of different forms as well as adapt to many different aesthetic and functional purposes. If you have never heard of espalier by name, more than likely you have seen it before. An espalier is a tree or shrub that is pruned and trained to an unnatural yet aesthetically pleasing form against a wall, trellis or freestanding structure.The technique comes out of the Middle Ages in Europe when it was highly popular, however, it has been traced back even farther to ancient Egypt also.

Espaliers collect almost the same amount of sunlight as regular trees, however they have far less mass. For this reason, espaliers are ideal for decorative purposes in gardens and courtyards because they save on space. Espaliers can also be planted next to a wall in order to reflect more sunlight and retain heat during the cool nights. You’ll want to have your espalier planted facing south if you want them to absorb maximum sunlight.

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