How to Protect your Trees from Snow Damage

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The recent Colorado snow storm may have caused damage to some trees due to the ongoing days with temperatures below zero. An important thing to remember during this time is to protect your trees against the heavy snow loads that can break limbs. The wet spring snow especially will cause damage. Take a proactive approach to guarding your trees. As you see the snow start to accumulate, gently shake it off the trees. If the storm is more severe with heavy snowfall, you will need to do this repeatedly as the snow continues to fall. Here are a few tips on getting snow off your trees:

  • Use something similar to a broom handle as your tool.
  • Start shaking branches at the lowest part of the tree first. If you start at the top, you’ll just be adding more snow to the snow covered lower branches.
  • Make sure you always push the branch up and not down. By pushing the branch down you add to the tension on the weighted branch and that could cause it to snap.
  • Check the deciduous trees, first. If the tree has a trunk with a V-shape, it’s more likely to split in time of heavy snowfall and strong winds.
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