Get your Shovels ready before Gardening Season

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Now that the snow has melted and the sun’s come out, if you gardeners are dying to get outside, now is your chance. The first thing you need to do is sharpen those shovels. Go in the shed and check the sharpness of your shovel because planting time is just around the corner and you’ll want your tools to be ready to go.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to get those shovels ready:

1. Make sure you remove the rust before sharpening the blade of your hoe or shovel. Rust will shorten the life of your garden tools. To do this, use steel wool and a rag.

2. Use a metal file to sharpen the blade.  During the gardening season, regularly use a file to maintain sharpness. If the blade is really dull, you may need to rent a small grinding wheel to sharpen the edge.

3. Check the handles also. It can be very dangerous using a shovel with damaged handles. The handles are replaceable if the blade is still good. Fiberglass handles are a good option for replacement.

Now you’re all set to start digging next month, but if you have a landscaping job that a simple shovel just won’t do, contact Lifescape Associates for your Colorado landscaping needs.

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