Winter Watering for your Colorado Landscaping

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All over the state of Colorado, there has been little more than one inch of natural rainfall since early September and the warm fall didn’t help the plant life either. So this winter, tress and lawn are actually parched because they’ve been losing moisture that needs to be replaced in order for the plants to remain healthy. Here is where winter watering comes into play.

For Lawns

  • Get out the hoses or run the sprinklers.
  • Lawns on south-facing, southwest facing areas and slopes should get special attention since they receive more sun.

For Trees

  • They key to watering trees is knowing what the “drip line” is and how to water around it.
  • Drip line is the outer rim of the tree where rainfall will “drip” off and hit the ground.

If your Colorado yard is in need of some serious winter watering, call Lifescape Associates at 303-831-8310. If you are not sure about how to properly care for your landscaping this winter, call us, we’ll help you care for and keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.