How to select and care for a real tree

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You may have already selected your Christmas tree for this season, but if you are one of the stragglers, here are a few tips on how to select and care for a real tree:

  • Pinch the needle to check for freshness, if there is a rich fragrance, that’s a fresh tree.
  • Take a needle from the tree and bend it. If it does not snap like a  carrot, it’s not a fresh tree.
  • To maintain freshness while in the home, cut an inch off the base and put the trunk in a stand holding at least one gallon of water.
  • Avoid fires by keeping the tree watered daily and using LED lights.

Do you want to cut your own tree this Christmas? The U.S. Forest Service manages 17 national forests throughout the Rocky Mountain region, they’ll issue you a permit as a resident to cut down trees within the forests.

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