How to keep your Holiday Poinsettias healthy

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You probably only have your poinsettias out in the garden or front landscape during the Holiday season, so how do you keep your poinsettias healthy during the cold Colorado winter? You may be surprised to know that it is not difficult to keep poinsettias healthy during the Holidays.  However, poinsettias do require specific lighting and are sensitive to temperature changes.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your poinsettias looking beautiful all season long:

1. If your plants have pale yellow, green or fallen leaves, there is a possibility that it has root disease, has been excessively watered, has had an excessive dry period or wasn’t given enough fertilizer.

2. When the temperature hits 35 degrees and below, make sure that the plant is wrapped well or sleeved before taking it outside. Once the poinsettias are transported, remove the sleeves to prevent the downward bending of the leaves, which is called epinasty.

3. Keeping the plants away from cold drafts and excessive heat will prolong the color of the bracts.

4. Make sure to remove all damaged or diseased leaves and bracts.

5. Check the soil daily and if it feels dry to the touch, make sure to water. If planted in a clay pot, water a little more. You want to make sure you are keeping the soil moderately moist.

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