Fertilization Done Right

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A major factor in taking care of your landscaping is fertilization. You want to make sure you don’t over fertilize or under fertilize. A landscaping professional or possibly someone at your local garden center can  recommend a proper fertilizer for your yard.

Fertilizing your yard twice a year, at least, is a good idea. The best time to fertilize your yard is in the Spring and in the Fall; never in the bright sun. Plus, it is important that you water your yard following fertilization. When planting new plants, it’s always a good idea to mix in fertilizer and new soil. That way, over the period of a year, the plant will have a nice time release of fertilizer.

If you’re wondering how to fertilize your yard, stick with these 3 facts:

1. Choose a quality nitrogen fertilizer (containing controlled-release nitrogen)

2. Then apply the right amount/rate (about one pound of actual nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn area)

3.  Apply at the right time of the season ( make sure to pick the right season based on the climate of where you live)

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