3 Backyard Design Trends

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People sometimes fail to remember that they can update their backyard or patio with the latest trends and fashion in outdoor design. It’s time to get rid of that old fashioned look and step into 21st century outdoor design.

Here are 3 of the latest trends in Backyard Design:

1. Bring the inside…out.

Outdoor Living Area

Have you thought about having a traditional living room outside? Well, there are alot of new outdoor fabrics now that are made with acrylic fibers, fade-resistant and waterproof materials. You can have a living space outside that is just as comfortable and cozy as the inside.

2. Plant double duty gardens.

Lush garden

Blend both edibles and ornamentals in your garden to give it a bountiful and luscious look.

3.  Go Green with Sustainable design.

Invest in a low water garden –  find drought tolerant plants that add color and personality to your backyard.