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10 Exquisite Outdoor Entertaining Options

Before summer comes to a close, host a fabulous outdoor party for your neighbors and loved ones. Not sure how to create that perfect backyard atmosphere? Here are 10 design and dining essentials for exquisite outdoor entertaining.


The ample sunshine in Colorado can be nice, but it can also call for a shady escape. Make sure your party guests can find refuge from the sun if need be.


Once the sun sets, the Colorado climate becomes the perfect atmosphere for a summer evening gathering by the fire to roast s’mores or to simply kick back and relax.


Well-chosen greenery can amplify the landscape and views, as well as help, create certain moods for each section of the outdoor space.


From overhead strings to shielded fixtures that illuminate pathways, it’s safe to say that outdoor lighting can set a significant ambiance. Low-voltage LED landscape lighting can accent art or trees, and votive candles can create an intimate dining experience.


An outdoor kitchen or dining space can be elevated by choosing materials that complement the house, such as stone, pavers, tile, etc.


It’s essential that your outdoor space either is adjacent to the main interior kitchen, or even better: Your patio has an outdoor kitchen of its own. Another beloved feature of a backyard party is the addition of a beverage bin or outdoor refrigerator to keep drinks cool and close.


The right outdoor furniture can make or break a good party. Your guests’ comfort and enjoyment are the top priority, so make sure there is sturdy and plush seating galore—think couches, chaises, chairs, bar stools, and benches.


Incorporate items from your garden into the table settings. You can create centerpieces by potting herbs, dress up napkins with garden flowers, or use wood from a cut-down tree as a plate charger.


What’s a party without music? Having outdoor speakers makes it easy as pie to entertain your guests and help them cut loose and relax.


Whether they’re from your own garden or from your local grocery store, preparing food with fresh ingredients goes a long way. Fresh produce captures the tastes of summer and highlights the harvests of Colorado farms.

If you are looking or help to design your outdoor entertaining space please contact one of our designers at Lifescape, 303-831-8310

Design Styles You’ll Love

Traditional Landscape Design

The landscape of your home can become an ideal location to enjoy all that a Colorado summer can provide and provide curb appeal to passers-by. Whether you desire a colorful garden in the morning sun, a place to meditate in the afternoons or the ideal location for a barbecue dinner party; here are inspirational landscape design options to create a perfect paradise in your backyard.
Traditional – A landscape with a stone patio bordered by a green hedge with perennials popping up from behind creates a classic look that can only be made better with a vine-covered trellis or pergola. Formal crushed stone patios will take you from room to room.


Eclectic – Considered what’s ‘in style’ at the moment can still be something that lasts beyond the latest trend. Reclaim existing elements while incorporating re-purposed materials like old windows create something both natural and personal. Find different art pieces to create focal points in the gardens or make containers out of unique old pieces.

Urban – Space in a city is minimal, therefore making it important to utilize everything you can. A vertical space lined with trellises allows for a variety of climbing plants. A container garden to supplement your outdoor dining area can add the finishing touch.

Lifescape Rustic
Rustic – Allowing your landscape to touch base with nature can mean using rock outcroppings as seating, adding a fire feature or decorating with native and ornamental shrubs, grasses and evergreens. Reclaimed timbers can be used for screens or fencing, and organic stone patios with groundcovers will soften the space.

Modern – Whether with wood, concrete or a crop of mass plantings, shape the area with a specific color or two in mind. Add natural elements like fire or water to complete the look. Design elements and plant in a linear fashion to keep clean lines.  Rows of ornamental grasses or a single colored plant will accent the hardscape.

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Fabulous Fall Hardscaping Ideas

Is your home the social center for family and friends during the holiday season? Our team at Lifescape Colorado is more than happy to assist you with all of your hardscaping needs that can add warmth and light to your luxury outdoor space.

These fall hardscaping ideas can enhance your curb appeal, as well as your outdoor living spaces, so you can enjoy these areas even through the coldest and darkest hours of the season.

Traditional Landscape by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Enhance curb appeal. Impress your guests by re-paving your driveways and walkways. Pavers can be matched to your existing landscape and their permeable nature is ideal in a climate where freezing and thawing is the norm. Don’t forget to install beautiful lighting elements that will illuminate your design and increase safety.

Traditional Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Coloradp

Add another patio. Does a part of your yard remain unused for most of the year? Perhaps it’s time to add a patio. Patio spaces can be as simple as a square of attractive pavers bedecked with chairs and a table. It’s also another great space to sip a cup of coffee, converse with a friend, or to watch the stars.

Traditional Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Augment your outdoor kitchen. What’s missing from your outdoor wish list? An outdoor kitchen, complete with grill, oven and sink, makes holiday meal preparations a snap and it also gives guests a place to spend time until the meal is ready to be served.

Traditional Pool by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Gather ’round the fire. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are a must for Colorado hardscapes. Even on the coldest nights, a fire pit is a popular hangout for party goers and after-dinner revelers.

Rustic Landscape by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Celebrate slopes with terraces. Cooler fall weather makes terracing a much more comfortable enterprise. Building terraces into your hillside will transform a barren, steep slope into a beautiful showpiece.

Contemporary Patio by Denver Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Lifescape Colorado.

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Spruce up your seating areas. A big group of friends and family with your holiday cooking will cause an overflow into your outdoor space. Be prepared for this by expanding your outdoor seating areaswith comfortable, flexible furniture.

Are you ready to get a start on any of the above fall hardscaping ideas to get your home ready for the fall and winter? If so, contact the design and build team at Lifescape Colorado today.

Unique Outdoor Seating Ideas

Take the opportunity to add unique style to your Denver outdoor living area with seating that’s not only comfortable but aesthetically intriguing. Here are some of our favorite ideas for unique outdoor seating.

A cool bench and table combo – Perfect for casual meals with friends and family, this seating option offers a flexible eclectic style that can be customized to match your space.

denver outdoor living design

Source: Jane Ellison via Houzz

A rockin’ built-in bench – We love this idea for Denver landscapes. Natural stone seating blends in beautifully with hardscaping and foliage for a truly organic look.


landscaping denver

Source: Finnerty, LLC via Houzz

Stylish & whimsical outdoor swings – These nest-like swings bring out your inner-child while offering chic style.

unique outdoor seating

Source: Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA via Houzz

Waterside fire pit nook – This fire pit nook with built-in seating and surrounded by water allows you to truly bask in nature’s elements creating a gorgeous space for intimate evening gatherings.

denver landscaping

Source: Pekarek Crandell Architects via Houzz

Underwater seating – Add a resort-like element to your pool with built-in underwater stools. For added luxury and entertaining opportunities, complement them with a built-in table and fire vessel.

pool construction denver

Source: Rosebrook Pools, Inc. via Houzz

Tree of seating – Circular seating provides the most seating in the smallest amount of space, and encircling a tree adds a fun natural element to the design.

denver outdoor living

Source: Universal Developing via Houzz

Curved deck that doubles as seating – Add a few outdoor pillows and a modern deck design that is curved just right can turn into unique, casual seating.

landscaping denver

Source: Contemporary Patio via Houzz

Colorful seating – Create a fun and playful ambiance by using brightly colored cushions and pillows. Mix and match colors and patterns to your creative heart’s content.

landscapers denver

Source: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects via Houzz


Let the landscapers at Lifescape help you achieve your dream outdoor living space. Contact us today at (303) 831-8310.

Selecting Patio Materials for your Home

There is a wide variety of materials that are available for surfacing a patio. You want to make sure that the material you choose will blend together well with the surroundings and other materials used in the landscape, while at the same time, providing the right surface for the intended use of the patio.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right patio material for your needs.

  • For a patio that will be an outdoor dining/entertainment area – solid surface like brick or pavers is best because they create an even surface.
  • For a patio that has a natural and woodland atmosphere – large fieldstones and ground cover planted between the stones softens the look of the area.
  • For an elegant patio –  crushed granite can be compacted to form a surface almost as stable and firm as concrete, and water can percolate through it, making it a sustainable solution.

Need help selecting the right patio material for your Denver area home? Lifescape Associates can design and build your patio with the right materials that will bring together the look of your entire outdoor home environment.

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