Don’t throw that in the Compost Pile!

During the Fall season, your landscaping can become overwhelmed in leaves. That can be a good thing for making compost, however, it’s important to make sure you know the don’ts in creating the right compost cocktail for you Colorado landscaping:

1. Don’t put oak and cottonwood leaves in your compost pile.

It is best to avoid putting oak and cottonwood leaves in your compost pile because they are high in tannins.

2. Don’t shred your leaves for composting.

It’s best to avoid shredding your leaves before composting.  Shredded leaves will compact and make the compost too dense. Use raked leaves instead for composting. The leaves stay fluffy which helps to aerate the compost.

3. Don’t put needles in the compost pile.

Needles from pine, spruce and other evergreens are high in acid and contain sap and this is not a good mix for your compost pile.

If you need help figuring how to keep your Colorado landscaping beautiful and healthy for the Fall and Winter months, give Lifescape Associates a call at 303-831-8310.

Photo: pellaea

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