The Casual Comfort of a Fire Pit

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Love your casual get togethers outdoors? Well if you have a fire pit on your patio, there’s no need to give that up during the Fall and Winter months.

Fire pits are usually made of stone, fire-resistant brick or in some instances, clay. The fire pit creates a more casual atmosphere that is great for entertaining. Fire pits can become the focal point of your patio, being the central area where guests gather round to get warm, roast marshmallows, chat or even cook if they have the proper grates or grills to place over the fire pit. Once nightfall arises, there is no need for the party to move inside. Just light your fire pit and continue the laughter and fireside chats under the stars.

Having an outdoor space in your landscaping that is casual and comforting, helps to keep you relaxed and enhances your overall quality of life.

Take a look at a few fire pits from completed Lifescape Associates projects:

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