Tips for Starting a Beautiful Container Garden

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If you want more flexibility when it comes to the location of your plants (i.e. herbs near your kitchen window), consider starting a container garden. Container gardens are ideal when you want to create special seasonal plant displays or when you don’t have the space for garden beds.

Here are a couple tips for growing a successful container garden today.

Container garden design

First off, you should determine the main purpose of your container garden. If your containers are for decorative interest, determine the the look you want to achieve. For example, you might prefer bold container designs with showy flowers or a simple desert-themed container with a beautiful cactus.

Choosing plants

A plant’s size can help determine container size, as well as which plants can be planted in the same pot. Staggering plant heights can create visual interest, but you don’t want to overshadow other plants. You should also consider your garden’s lighting needs. If your landscape has a lot of shade, try growing impatients or English ivy.

Choosing containers

You should select pots deep enough for the plants you’re growing. Plants that form shallow root systems, like succulents, won’t require deep pots. However, many other plants require space to develop a strong deep root system.

If your decorative container lacks drainage holes, create some, or place the plants in a smaller pot that does have drainage holes. After filling the bottom of the decorative pot with a brick or with layers of pebbles, insert the smaller pot.


Soil in containers dries out faster than soil in your garden. This means you must check container plants more often to make sure they’re not too dry. When watering, make sure to water deeply, until water seeps out of the drainage holes.


Container soil can be quickly depleted of nutrients, so container gardens need to be fertilized frequently. Soluble fertilizer added to water, as well as time-release fertilizer added to the soil will help keep plants healthy.

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