Modern Landscape Designs That Catch the Eye

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Modern landscape design has style versatility, which complements many types of homes. In addition to this, these designs emphasize hardscaping and architecture for creating a stylistic impression. This means these landscape designs easily incorporate the water-conserving principles we lean towards here in Colorado. Read on to learn more about the elements of modern landscape design.

Creating Unity between the House and the Landscape

Modern design calls for a synchronistic approach to create visual harmony and to prevent the design from appearing as an afterthought. This entails creating design cohesion between landscape architectural color, material, or form and that of the home. Here, we matched both the landscape color palette and materials to the exterior of this residence.

Clean Lines

Good design means an appealing visual flow. These terraced landscape beds mirror the gentle curve of the neighboring structure. Using the same size and type of plants, evenly spaced, in the beds assists the flow. The provides an extra touch to prevent monotony.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are as compelling in the modern landscape as they are in modern interior design. Rectangles, squares and other shapes become more visually stimulating if you use mixed textures. Note how the geometry of this sitting area is highlighted by the carefully designed flowerbed.

Modern Materials

While traditional materials are used in modern design, you’ll also notice many modern materials such as concrete and gravel. The latter is an important feature in many permeable hardscapes and helps these designs be water-wise. A good example of this is this walkway made of pavers surrounded by gravel.

Plants as Transitional Accents

Although modern designs emphasize hardscaping, this doesn’t mean that plants must be kept at a minimum. Planned right, plants live in perfect harmony with modern landscape architecture. We used native plants to create a transition between this landscape and the surrounding wilderness.

Whether you are ready for a new landscape design or you have other landscaping needs, you can count on our professionals at Lifescape. Contact us today to learn about our services.