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Cooler weather is on the way and could arrive sooner than expected. This means that right now is an ideal time to consider upgrading to a WR2 Series of Rain Bird Smart Irrigation Controllers with Rain and Freeze Sensors. These economical sensors not only detect rainfall, they also sense falling temperatures and will shut down irrigation before a freeze, making smart controllers even smarter. Let’s look at some of the benefits of the Rain Bird Controllers with WR2 Series Rain and Freeze Sensors.

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Conserves water: The WR2’s quick shut off feature stops irrigation when rainfall begins, without waiting for accumulation. This prevents water waste, which helps to conserve our state’s limited water supply while offering immediate savings, to help your pocketbook. In addition, the freeze-sensing feature allows you to choose a low-temperature set point. When temperatures fall to this point, irrigation will automatically cease.

Cost-Effective: There is no need to buy individual sensors for every smart controller you use. Each WR2 Series covers up to four smart controllers.

It can be installed almost anywhere: In addition to being wireless, WR2 Series has two-way messaging to allow the system to communicate even around landscape features, such as trees, so you’ll never have a problem with interference. And because of this, the system can be installed on nearly any convenient vertical surface.

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Simple to program and check: The easy-to-read screen and intuitive user-friendliness make programming the WR2 Series fast and stress-free. You can also easily check settings, signal strength and the battery with a quick glance.

Reliable updates: Because weather conditions can change quickly, the sensor updates weather data every 45 seconds. The wireless and two-way messaging ensure your landscape irrigation system never misses a beat or – more appropriately – a raindrop.

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