Tips on Choosing a Real Christmas Tree

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Christmas tree in calm winter eveningChances are, you already have your Christmas tree up. However, we know there are still a few out there who are late on this time honored tradition of selecting a fresh cut Christmas tree. If you are one of those scrambling to find the right fresh tree, here are a few tips for you.

  • Know the size, meaning height and width, you need before hand.
  • If the needles come of easily when you run a branch through your enclosed hand, choose another tree.
  • If you smell a rich fragrance when you pinch the needle, that’s a fresh tree.
  • Look for deterioration and dryness signs such as excessive needle loss, discolored foliage, musty odor, needle pliability, and wrinkled bark.
  • Maintain its freshness at home by cutting an inch off the base and putting the trunk in a stand holding at least one gallon of water.

And if you are still in doubt about a tree, just choose another one. Better to be safe than sorry.

Have you decided on a fresh Christmas tree for your Denver area home?


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