Don’t forget these Winter Lawn Care Tips

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During the winter season in Colorado, while much of the landscape is dormant and the ground is frozen, it can be easy to forget that your landscape still needs care. Since you are not really mowing the lawn and trying to plant a garden, that’s no reason to bypass winter lawn care. Take a look at a few tips you don’t want to forget this winter season.

checking soil moisture
Checking soil moisture. Photo Credit:

Turf mites and winter kill can be a problem over the winter months. If there are long periods were there is no precipitation, lawns can dry out and decline. It will help if you put a note on your calendar to check your lawn’s soil moisture each month and water as needed, of course if the ground is not frozen. And remember to pay special attention to south and west facing areas, these areas will dry out faster. Slope are another area that needs more frequent checking because they also dry out faster than flat areas.

Have you started to preparing your Denver landscape for winter yet?