The Knot Garden: Blending Geometric Design and Nature

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There really is no limit to what you can do with a beautiful Colorado landscape. For example, the knot garden. Via Wikipedia,” A knot garden is a garden of very formal design in a square frame, consisting of a variety of aromatic plants and culinary herbs.” So if you love to cook with fresh herbs as well as enjoy the refreshing aromas of a variety of plants, this could be the garden for you.

Besides delicious herbs and pleasant aromas, the knot garden also brings in a touch of geometric design that instantly attracts the eye, and visually can create a beautiful landscape scene.

Lifescape Landscape Garden ColoradoThe geometry of the knot garden is used to add a dynamic, yet traditional feel in this narrow backyard space.

landscape garden bench, Lifescape ColoradoThe curve of the bench ties in nicely with the curve of the gravel path and tumbled stone edge on the pathway.


Lifescape Colorado landscape projectA truly green space is realized in this image with bluegrass lawn, boston ivy vine on the house, and oak tree canopy.  The windows of the house line up with interesting elements in the garden, so there is always an interest when looking out of the window.

Interested in a knot garden for your Denver area home?