Annuals and Perennials that Love the Shade

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Have you noticed that there are much more shady areas in the landscape of well established neighborhoods in the Denver area? That means that those gardens and landscapes need shade loving annuals and perennials to bring in that much needed fall color.

Shade Loving Annuals 

Begonias. Photo via

Begonias and impatiens are the most common annuals that grow well in the shade. You can plant them around trees, in containers on the balcony or under the patio for a burst of color. However, since they are annuals you must have them replaced each growing season.

Shade Loving Perennials

Pink BleedingHeart
Pink Bleeding Heart. Photo via

There are more perennials to chose from when it comes to blooms that flourish in the shadows. Five perennials that are great for shady urban landscapes in Colorado are Dwarf bleeding heart, Jacob’s ladder, Prim rose, Sweet Woodruff, and Hosta.

What are you looking forward to seeing planted in your fall landscape this year?