Never Water when it’s Windy

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Watering while it is windy is simply wasteful, and in the Denver area and all over Colorado, we can’t afford to waste water. More than often, windy weather occurs during daylight hours, however, it is during that time that even more water is lost to evaporation. That is why watering overnight or very early in the morning is best practice. During these hours there is usually less wind blowing water away from your landscape. As well as little heat to make the water evaporate.

But the problem comes in when you actually have to make yourself get up in the wee hours of the night or morning and drag out the hose when prime watering time comes. Also, if you are away on business or vacation, who is going to water your lawn then? One great way to eliminate this issue is to have a good automatic sprinkler system with a timer. An automatic sprinkler system helps to make every drop of water count.

If you want more information on how you can get an automatic sprinkler system for your Denver area home, contact a designer at Lifescape. 303-831-8310.


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