Colorado State’s Annual Flower Trail Garden

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Did you know that if a flower can survive in Colorado, it can survive anywhere in the rest of the country? Well that’s due to our extreme to normal weather conditions. It’s actually at The Annual Flower Trail Garden at Colorado State University taking place now through August 14th, that many master gardeners, industry pros, horticulturists and everyday citizens who simply love to garden go to vote on their favorite annuals that can stand our tumultuous conditions.

The purpose of  trial program is to evaluate the performance of different annual plant cultivars under our unique Rocky Mountain environmental conditions. – Every year, the trails consist of more than 1,000 different cultivars of annual bedding plants. These variety of annuals are grouped by genus, arranged by color and grown in rows, side-by-side, so as to facilitate the comparison of similar varieties. –

If you are interested in seeing the varieties of annuals as well as voting for your favorite annuals check here for area garden centers where you can vote.

What annuals are you looking forward to planting in your Denver area garden?


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