Lifescape at the ALCC Planet Day of Service

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Lifescape Associates had the pleasure of  participating in the ALCC Planet Day of Service on last Friday, April 20th. This great event took place at the Excelsior Youth Center and was for an extremely good cause. This event was really cool because the center is a school for at-risk young women (ages 11 to 18) and it’s building a raised beds gardens for the girls.

“The project includes installing pathways to 14 raised plant beds as well as installing the wooden planters and soil. Community volunteers have been working with a student club for two seasons and now through the combined efforts of these volunteers and ALCC volunteers and suppliers, the students will have first-class garden.” –

Lifescape was able to introduce the girls to the great group of women on our team, who reached out as role models for the girls and talked about the opportunities for women in the landscape design industry.

Please take a look at for more information about the day.