7 Weed Fighting Tips

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Most of us are happy for an early spring, but one ugly truth remains that the early arrival of spring, just enough natural precipitation and hand watering gets the weeds taking off like mad. If you are in the midst of battling wild weeds, here are seven strategic tips that the ALCC wants you to know:

1. You must use fertilizer. Weeds thrive in lawns that are not fertilized.

2. Drying them out, will not help kill them. Don’t let drought-stressed weeds fool you. They may look on the brink of death, but they are not.

3. Know your weed before you pull it. Make sure you get all the root out too, or it will grow back.

4. Know your weed treatment’s limitations. Weed treatments range in what type of weeds they effect from broad leaf weeds to any plant period.

5. Make sure follow the product label. You’ll want to know what the product is good for and where it might do more harm than good.

6. Is there a breeze? Be aware that the treatment can drift even in a slight breeze.

7. The best strategy in the weed war is always the offense. The best success comes from being proactive first.

How do you usually treat weeds in your Colorado lawn and/or garden?



Photo via coloradoweedbusters.com