Watch out for Falling Trees!

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Many trees on the Front Range have fallen due to extremely high winds. Since there has been record snowfall in February, the soil is soft and this creates instability for trees being bombarded by raging winds. Here are a few planting and precautionary tips from that can help you save the trees in your landscape.

  • Plant evergreens on the east side of your home for more protection against strong winds.
  • Reduce the mass in the crown of your deciduous trees to help prevent blowing over.
  • Have leaning trees in your landscape removed or proper reinforced if falling could create damage.
  • When selecting trees for tight areas, get professional advice on varieties that are best suited to a small growing space.
  • Be  aware that planting trees on slopes that lean away from the wind are also more susceptible to blowing over and could possibly fall on buildings below.

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