5 Gardening Tips to get ready for Spring

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Is the gardener in you just dying to get outside and go to work? Lifescape Associates understands.  Take a look at five things the ALCC says you can start to do now in order to get your garden ready for the spring season.

1. Compost. Even if the ground is snow covered, throw some fresh compost over the garden to let it settle into the soil so come planting time, you can work the soil right.

2. Planting Seeds. Start planting your cool season crops once the ground can be tilled in March and April.

3. Choose your crops. “Carrots, spinach, lettuce, beets, green onions, radishes, pak choi and peas are veggies to plant soon.”

4. Plan what will grow where. A good practice to do every year is rotate your vegetable placement. This is to avoid insects and diseases that can overwinter in the soil and attack specific vegetables.

5. Before you start to plant, rototill or hand till the ground to work in the compost.

What are you looking forward to planting in your garden this year?

 Photo via mercurios-jewels