Want Green in your Landscape all year round?

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If you are looking for an Evergreen shrub that will provide your Colorado garden or landscape with beautiful greenery in all seasons, the Panchito Manzanita is a great plat to consider. This shrub is a low growing plant that can handle little watering and full sun. Many landscapes these days are being converted into Xeriscape in order to help conserve water and save homeowners on their water bill. The Panchito Manzanita does a great job of providing that green color in place of other plants that can not handle minimal watering.

Here are a few facts about the Panchito Manzanita:

  • A low maintenance shrub with limited pruning required
  • Bark and stems have are reddish color
  • In the first growing season may need a little more water, but after it is established less water is required
  • It’s scientific name is Arctostaphylos x coloradoensis
  • Grows best in full sun to light shade

Are you looking to have your landscape converted into a Xeriscape? Call Lifescape Associates in Denver. We’ll be happy to design and create your beautiful landscape that will help you save on water.

Photo Credit: colostate.edu