Vertical Gardening: Grow Up When you can’t Grow Out

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Ever heard of vertical gardening? If not, it is a new landscaping trend that has not been seen too often in Colorado yet. This is due to the fact that Colorado does not have the year-round climate to support expanses of green walls like you see in more temperate areas. However, you can still apply the principle of growing up when you can’t grow out.

Gardens that are grown on a wall can grow a bouquet of flowers, a crop of farm-fresh produce or a collection of tasty herbs for cooking at home.  Growing vertical is a wonderful alternative for those with small outdoor spaces. If you have a small loft patio and still want to try your hand at a green thumb, with vertical gardening there is room to grow a variety of herbs, veggies and flowers because the growing is done up the side of a wall. Now your garden also becomes an artful backdrop to outdoor living just like the landscape that surrounds a suburban patio.

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