Have you checked on your Hardscapes lately?

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Hardscapes are the areas of your landscape that use hard materials such as pavers, natural stone, cement, bricks or manufactured blocks that create retaining walls, patios and walkways. Since your hardscapes are exposed to the elements on a daily basis, after some years, depending on the hardscape material, you may begin to see the color losing its luster, cracks and other damage that affects the look of your landscape. In order to keep your landscape looking its best, it is important to use hardscape materials that best meet your needs and the conditions of your landscape.

When choosing your hardscape materials, like natural stone for example, more than likely materials found locally are best. As a matter of fact, many natural stones are quarried in Colorado and there are also many blocks manufactured right here in the state as well. Consult with your landscape architect about what materials are best for your landscape and your aesthetic desires.

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