Plants to Brighten your Spring Garden

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Perk up your spring garden with a little color. Take a look at 3 perennials developed by Colorado State University and Denver Botanic Gardens to provide your Colorado garden with vibrant color that is well-suited to our altitude and growing conditions.

1. Remembrance Columbine a.k.a.  Aquilegia ‘Swan Violet & White’


The Remembrance Columbine is named in memory of Columbine High School victims and blooms in late spring to early summer with deep purple and white flowers. This perennial needs partial sun and prefers moderate water in loamy soils.

2. Corsican Violet a.k.a. Viola corsica


A great perennial for higher altitudes and partly shaded gardens, the Coriscan Violet has lovely purple blooms from early spring to late fall.  The Viola corsica finds full sun to partial shade acceptable and needs moderate water in loamy and well-drained soils.

3. Colorado Gold Gazania a.k.a. Gazania linearis


This vibrant perennial has bright golden flowers from April to October and grows in full sun to partial shade and is adaptable to moderate to dry conditions in well-drained soils. The Colorado Gold is an excellent perennial for edging or borders.

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