Bring Drama to the Garden with the Black Petunia

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If you are ready to add a bit of drama to your garden, why not go with basic black? It has taken quite some time, but black is now in with flowers and growers have developed the black petunia. Not available at retailers just yet, this black bloom can be used to create a dynamic black-tie combo paired with white petunias or your own creative combination. Perhaps you’d like to add a little more color variety and create a bed of red or yellow and black petunias that will bring in a bright and vibrant contrast.

With the black petunia, you can definitely set your garden a part from the others in the neighborhood. If you are not sure how to incorporate this trendy new bloom in your landscape design, ask your landscape designer. Lifescape Associates can design your Denver landscape to include your personal preferences and add a bit of a creative twist. Just give us a call at 303-831-8310.

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