Time for Irrigation Turn-ons

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It is that time of year again, and everyone is probably relieved. The winter weather is finally going away and the spring season is getting off to a slow start. Now is the time to have your irrigation system turned back on for your Colorado landscape. These are happening as we speak in the Denver metro area, so please call Kasey Thomas at 303.974.6370 to schedule a time for your irrigation turn-on.

During the winter, it is possible that the frigid temperatures from the extremely cold weather can damage parts of your irrigation system. Before turned on, your system should be inspected and repaired if any damages are present. It is vital to the health and beauty of your landscape to have your irrigation system inspected and turned on beginning in the spring season. Lifescape Associates can keep up regular maintenance of your irrigation system in order for it to run smoothly all year round.

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