Important Colorado Winter Watering Tips

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Because winters are dry and snow is minimal in the front range, newly planted vegetation needs supplemental water to stay alive. Irrigation systems have been turned off to prevent freezing pipes, so manually watering is necessary. This ensures plants, that have been newly planted, will survive throughout the winter.The most important plants to keep watered are plants that keep their leaves all year (broadleaf evergreens) because they perspire water through those leaves.

It’s best if you water the tree underneath the branches and within the drip line. You want to water to the depth of approximately 12 inches. Most trees should get ten gallons per inch of trunk diameter however that may be reduced due to the amount of rain or snowfall received. For young trees and evergreens, water them twice a month during the winter months. You can use soil needles, soaker hoses or soft spray nozzles to water your landscape, just be careful of water runoff and placing soil needles too deep, 6-8 inches is recommended.

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