3 Go Green Tips for your Garden

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Everyone can use the Earth’s natural resources to give their garden everything it needs. As a matter of fact, keeping your garden as natural and “green”as possible is not as difficult as you think.

Here are 3 good tips to start going green with your home garden:

1. Mother Nature knows best, so use all natural compost instead of weed killers, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Some strictly “green gardeners” use beneficial insect reinforcements to get those pesky garden pests out.

2. Grow your own food.  Organic food can be a bit expensive. An edible garden can also be a beautiful garden. There’s no need to sacrifice aesthetics to grow your dinner.

3. Water Conservation.  A way to save on that water bill as well as water itself is to re-use it.  Many Coloradans are getting permits for rooftop precipitation collection systems, harvesting rainwater and directing it to their own personal gardens.  Enough water is collected to water the garden for weeks after the rain has come, all without using new water from an irrigation system. Go Green!

Photo: gilintx