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Designing Your Landscape Layout

As with any major home or commercial project, a beautiful landscape starts with a good design and layout. This multi-step process requires both attention to detail and the ability to conceptualize and visualize. Here are some important steps to keep in mind throughout the process.

The Practical Aspects

First, potential landscape problems and challenges should be factored in so that these can be fixed during the construction process. Issues Colorado residents may need to address, for example, may include erosion on slopes and drought conditions and water restrictions. This could require adding berms or other features to hillsides and removing thirsty lawns in favor of extra hardscaping or drought-tolerant groundcovers.

The natural attributes of the area should also be considered at this stage. A scenic view, for example, is a feature that can influence which layout will be best.

The General Layout

Many types of landscape layouts can be used as the general blueprint for the design. Often in the end, several elements are combined to create the most appropriate, visually appealing layout for a particular residence. An Arc-and-Tangent layout, for example, combines up to four layout types. It uses curves, circles, arcs as well as straight lines to form well-structured, harmonious landscapes.

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Source: Landscaping Network

A rough sketch of the desired layout can be made at this point, along with notes about the types of landscaping materials that will be needed.

Filling in the Details

After the general layout has been planned, it is time to attend to the details. This can include designing specific areas, such as garden beds or water features, and choosing plant types.

You might also receive new inspiration at this point and think of additional features you would like to add, such as a footbridge, fire pit, lighting, hot tub or similar fixtures that enhance beauty and comfort.

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Landscape design by Lifescape Colorado

When you are ready to bring out the best in your landscape with a layout that is beautiful and functional, contact us at Lifescape Colorado. Colorado landscapes are our specialty and we do it all, from design to architecture and construction. We also offer garden maintenance and irrigation services, so you can spend your valuable time enjoying your landscape.

It’s Time to Start Planning Your Spring Garden

Hibernation is only fun for so long. Rather than letting boredom get the best of you, let the increasing daylight hours inspire you and begin planning your spring garden. Colorado landscape designers are very thoughtful about creating designs that will be visually appealing in every season..

Planning your spring garden in advance will ensure your spring planting yields plenty of visual interest for humans, birds, and butterflies while conserving our most precious resource. If you’re in search of inspiration, below are a few ideas for Colorado landscapes suggested by Garden Guides:

Rock gardens – Rock gardens offer the benefit of a low-maintenance, yet unique garden space. Consider setting an area aside to use as a rock garden and choose some colorful rocks and drought resistant succulents for a most interesting focal point.

Drought tolerant plants – The best way to conserve water and attract local birds and butterflies is to use drought tolerant plants. Rocky Mountain wildflower seeds are a great place to begin. Other plants that do well are Narbonne Blue flax, Chieftain Manzanita, Sandia Coralbells, Scott’s Clematis, and Oxslip primrose.

Wildflower gardens – Of course, you can’t go wrong with a garden filled with wildflowers! Wildflowers like sage, prairie gentian, pink bergamot, and Mexican hat are among some of the top choices for this type of garden and will look as if nature placed them there.

planning for spring gardens

Now’s the time to think spring and start planning your gardens! Contact the designers at Lifescape today and watch your imagination come to life right in your own backyard.

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Lifescape Associates Spreads the Warmth

Denver landscape architectureAt the holidays we are reminded that a little extra generosity is in order, so all of us here at Lifescape Associates were very excited to participate in the Spread the WarmthTM campaign created by Dream Wise Marketing Solutions.
This fantastic community service initiative has distributed over 1,000 gloves and other winter clothing items to residents of Colorado since 2009. The gloves are sent out to recipients who are in turn asked to give them to someone they know or meet who is in need. Dream Wise then collects the stories of giving, further inspiring people to spread the love in their communities.
We’re glad to be a part of this great project and will be sure to share our stories with you. Stay tuned to the blog to hear more, and be sure to check out this awesome project.
Do you have a story of giving to someone in need, or of being helped by a kind-hearted stranger? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!
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Light up the Night

Now that spring is officially here, we are going to be spending more time outside. Thanks to daylight savings we have an extra hour of sunlight, but since there will be nice cool nights we’ll want to stay out on our patios, porches and decks a little longer than usual. It is important to properly brighten up your landscape with the right lighting to make it safe and add ambiance to your outdoor living spaces. In the evening hours, take a look around your Denver area home to see what areas need some brightening up.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Are there any areas where lighting can enhance the dramatic shapes within the landscape? Like trees, gardens, structures and etc.
  • Can you see your address clearly?
  • Can evening guests see the sidewalk and walkways clearly?
  • Does your outdoor lighting enhance your home’s curb appeal?
  • Does the amount of outdoor lighting you have make you feel secure in your home?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself concerning properly lighting your landscape at night. It’s a shame having a beautiful landscape, but only being able to enjoy it during the day. Light up the night at your home and enjoy your landscape no matter what time it is.

If you live in the Denver or Boulder area and need professional help designing and installing the right lighting plan for your landscape, contact Lifescape Associates by calling 303-831-8310.

A Retreat in your Own Backyard

A vacation, we all love it. What better way to unwind than from a fabulous retreat that immerses you in the outdoors with a few luxurious pleasures? Well Lifescape Associates wants you to know you can have that everyday, right in your own backyard! Many homeowners don’t understand the outdoor living potential they have in their barren or average-looking backyard space. Hiring a landscape architect to look at the layout of your landscape and let you know the design potential of your landscape is just what you need to take your home environment to the next level.

Here is one example of a backyard retreat, that Lifescapes’ completed:


No need to hop on a plane when you have your own retreat right outside your back door. You can come home everyday to the perfect spot for rest and relaxation. Lifescape Associates can provide your landscape with luxurious features and concepts that will create the perfect back yard retreat for you and your family.  Contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310