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Backyard Garden Designs for Family Fun


Source: Juergen Partridge Limited via Houzz

Backyards serve a range of family needs. It’s a place to relax, visit with friends and share holiday meals. While landscaping provides a beautiful backdrop, backyard gardens are often a child’s first playground. So, why not add “fun” to your Colorado garden to-do list next year?

Here are a few steps you can take to create a fun and enjoyable backyard for every member of the family.


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Get to know your yard. If you’re new to your home, resist the urge to go landscape crazy. Instead, get to know your backyard over a season or two. Make sure to eliminate any hazards or overgrowth that can be detrimental to family play time. However, learning sun and shade patterns, wind directions, drainage, etc. will help you create a design that complements your land’s natural geography.


Source: Valerie McCaskill Dickman via Houzz

Go native. A professional Denver landscape designer can help you select flowers, trees and shrubs that do well in our Colorado climate. Drought and fire-safe plants will save water and protect your home during exceptionally dry seasons. A landscape designer can also help make sure your yard is 100 percent child-friendly, so you never have to worry about plant toxicity.


Source: Juergen Partridge Limited via Houzz

Dream big on a realistic budget. Once you know where you need more shade or sun, which areas would be best for gardening and which ones for play, it’s time to draw your dream yard. Here is the wonderful thing about landscaping — it is an ever evolving process. You can draw a dream plan and work little by little, year by year. Even the most modest annual budget can yield a stunning yard in just a matter of years. For inspiration, you can view this backyard plan from Better Homes and Gardens. It incorporates everything your family could want, including a patio, play area, vegetable garden and beautiful plants that provide visual interest year-round.

Contact Lifescape to begin planning a Colorado garden design that is both beautiful and fun for the whole family.

Project Spotlight: Cherry Hill

12-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Looking for some landscape architecture inspiration for your luxury Colorado home? We invite you to take a photo tour of an exquisite Cherry Hills property, which our team here at Lifescape Colorado recently finished designing and renovating. Located in the suburbs of Denver, this impeccable residential landscape has it all – recreation, entertainment and an elegant, dynamic design.

This photo taken before we began renovating really captures the state of the space, which was intended to be a garden. However, the homeowners later realized they did not have the time to invest in it.

11-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

This shot of the front yard shows how we were able to bring the landscape to life with vibrant, xeric and native plants, as well as a sophisticated layout with a manicured look.


An action shot taken during the construction process shows our team filling the 8-inch thick concrete walls surrounding the tennis court and outdoor living area.

01-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

A luxurious outdoor living room was designed with a TV, cedar covering and limestone fireplace for relaxation and versatile entertaining. The TV can even lower into the stone counter to maximize entertaining possibilities.

06-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

At this angle, you can really see the gorgeous palette created with the combination of the cedar arbor and large, limestone fireplace.

02-Cherry Hills Residence-A

Design by Lifescape Colorado

The expansive stone terraces offer multiple opportunities to enjoy wonderful views of the pools, tennis court and Colorado Front Range.

04-Cherry Hills Residence-A

Design by Lifescape Colorado

A built-in fire pit spanning seven feet in diameter creates the perfect space for people to enjoy a cozy and warm get-together outdoors. Notice how we carefully chose stone veneers for the hardscaping to harmonize with the home’s exterior.

07-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

In addition to a grand fireplace and luxurious furniture, we added amenities like a ceiling fan and refrigerator to make relaxing and entertaining in this outdoor room all the more comfortable and luxurious.

08-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

We designed these container arrangements of colorful, cascading annuals to contrast the earthy neutrals of the stone veneers.

09-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

A gorgeous granite bar allows users to enjoy a front-row view of the action on the tennis court from the covered bar area.

10-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

As if the regulation tennis court modeled after the Centre Court at the US Open wasn’t enough, we also designed stunning stone veneer stadium seating.

We’re excited to announce that Lifescape was one of PLANET’s 2013 National Landscape Awards of Excellence Award Recipients. We’re extremely honored to have been recognized for both our Cherry Hill Residence design and build and for our Colorado Golf Club project!

From planting beautiful, drought-tolerant gardens to designing and constructing entire hardscapes, our team of horticulture experts and landscape architects here at Lifescape Colorado can help you turn your Colorado home or commercial property into an outdoor oasis.

To see more examples of our gardening, landscape architecture and construction work, browse through the gallery on our website. Then, when you’re ready to discuss a potential residential or commercial landscape project, contact us at 303-831-8310.


Cozy Outdoor Rooms to Enjoy Autumn

Few things can compare to autumn in Colorado. The chill in the air and the transformation of trees as they shrug off their summer colors in exchange for red, gold and brown can bring a sense of both invigoration and peace. A cozy outdoor room is the perfect space to enjoy our state’s autumnal beauty.

The most important considerations for this kind of outdoor room are comfort, warmth and a nest-like feel. The architecture, design and decor will aid you in creating this atmosphere.

Design by Lifescape

Design by Lifescape

For seasonal versatility, canopies and screens can provide a warm, cozy feeling. Plus, they can be removed, if desired, in warmer months. Soft cushions and warm blankets added to outdoor furniture are other removable items that greatly enhance comfort and warmth. Container plants provide additional greenery when needed, and can be moved as desired. Large plants may even be used for extra privacy.

Other, more permanent options for protection from the elements include arbors or pergolas, which can be added or modified to keep you dry in rainy conditions. These can be placed close to an outside wall for an added enclosed feeling.

If you desire a room that has an independent, retreat-like ambience, consider adding a screened-in pergola or a small enclosed or semi-enclosed garden cottage. These offer extra protection during rainy weather, while still allowing you to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Design by Lifescape

Design by Lifescape

When even more warmth is required, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace takes the chill out of the air and creates the glowing light only a fire can give. These can easily be installed in most spaces, as can festive or romantic lighting. The natural light of a fire and the soft glow of outdoor lights extends the time you can spend outdoors. The sun sets so early in late autumn, but with supplemental lighting, you and any friends that drop by can enjoy your outdoor room as long as you wish.

Our professionals at Lifescape can design and create the perfect outdoor room for your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

How to Turn an Outdoor ‘Space’ into an Outdoor ‘Room’

Outdoor living is all about creating spaces where you can enjoy your beautiful landscape and the great outdoors in complete comfort. This means making sure your space not only has the necessary furniture and features but also the ambiance to create an inspiring and relaxing environment. Let’s explore some ways to turn an ordinary space into a beautiful outdoor room.


Take advantage of a corner. If you have a corner space, turn it into a cozy seating arrangement.

colorado landscapers

Photo via Houzz

Take cover. Whether you want to go all out with a full covered patio or you want to simply add a pergola or canopy, add some type of protection to escape the elements.

denver outdoor living design

Photo via Houzz

Paint surrounding exterior walls. A warm, bright color on an exterior wall can add aesthetic value to outdoor living spaces while complementing greenery and plantings.

outdoor room designs

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Throw some fabrics into the mix. Soften up the space by laying down a rug, adding pillows, and hanging curtains.

landscapers colorado

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Let function drive the furniture selection. Make sure you have furniture for every occasion that you intend to use this space for. Don’t be afraid to use indoor furniture, especially if your outdoor living space is covered.

outdoor living ideas

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Add a little pizzazz. Treat your outdoor living space just as you would an interior space by decorating it with interesting shapes, colors, and textures. Ectlectic hanging lanterns or sparkling string lights, for example, add a decorative element by day and ambiance by night.

outdoor living colorado

Photo via Houzz

Need help achieving your dream outdoor living space for your Denver home? Call on the landscaping and outdoor living experts at Lifescape Associates in Denver at (303) 831-8310.

Give your Yard New Life

Do you want to give your Denver yard new life? The time it takes for the average gardener to yield a beautiful garden takes great effort and hard work. So imagine the time and amount of work it would take creating a beautifully landscaped yard equipped with outdoor living rooms! That’s where Lifescape comes in.

Whether you have a massive landscape or a quaint green patch in your urban corner, there is a perfect landscape design that can cater to your specific space and your desires. Take a look at one of our completed landscape projects in central Denver.

Backyard - LifescapeNatural materials such as gravel pathways and tumbled stone edger give this backyard a dynamic feel.  Colorful cushions, pots, and plantings allow this Central Denver backyard to burst into life.

Patio - Lifescape

A unique take, a privacy wall; rather than a stark stucco wall, Lifescape designers added columns, height differentiation, and a fountain to give the view from the house and patio something peaceful to view and enjoy.


Colorado pool house by LifescapeThe indoor meets the outdoor.  This pool house lends itself to a flood of natural light.

Layering in the planting design was used here, with annuals on the planting bed edge followed by a boxwood hedge, vibrant roses, and an evergreen screen of Yews.

What would you like to see in your Denver area yard to give it new life?