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Lifescape Associates Spreads the Warmth

Denver landscape architectureAt the holidays we are reminded that a little extra generosity is in order, so all of us here at Lifescape Associates were very excited to participate in the Spread the WarmthTM campaign created by Dream Wise Marketing Solutions.
This fantastic community service initiative has distributed over 1,000 gloves and other winter clothing items to residents of Colorado since 2009. The gloves are sent out to recipients who are in turn asked to give them to someone they know or meet who is in need. Dream Wise then collects the stories of giving, further inspiring people to spread the love in their communities.
We’re glad to be a part of this great project and will be sure to share our stories with you. Stay tuned to the blog to hear more, and be sure to check out this awesome project.
Do you have a story of giving to someone in need, or of being helped by a kind-hearted stranger? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!
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Watering the Garden in December

Green Plastic Watering Can December is not a time when most homeowners are thinking about the garden or their landscape. This is a case of what you don’t know can hurt not only your yard, but also your pocketbook. If proper care and attention is not given in the fall, come springtime you will have to work hard, and pay more, to get your Denver landscaping back to the lush view you’ve come to expect.

Watering at the beginning of the dormant season can keep your lawn and garden healthy and reduce the amount of plant loss from drought. This is a time when plants store their energy for the growth they will need in the spring and into the summer. Healthy plants resist both disease and pests better than stressed, withered plants, and they will have an easier time when they wake up in spring.

Trees and larger plants need special consideration. A landscape professional can help you to know the warning signs of drought-stricken trees in the fall and take action before it is too late. These plants need a stable environment, as they can take longer to recover and they are more costly to replace.

Get ahead of the game with these tips on winter watering.

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Designing Windows in the Landscape

When people are considering their Denver landscape design, they think of trees, shrubs and flowers. Not many people consider their windows as being able to play a major part in the landscaping design they are planning.

Landscape Window with wood shutters

Windows can play a huge part in landscape design. There is nothing quite as elegant as a rock wall with a window opening that has wooden shutters looking out upon a beautiful flower garden.


Landscape Window with decorative iron inserts

Another masterpiece could be a gazebo closed on three sides with small portal windows with cast iron inlays designed as flowers or birds. These small windows could look upon pathways of multiple colored shrubs that invite you to take a walk around the structure to the path. Windows are a treat to look through and they will enhance all the other landscaping.

Have you ever consider windows in your Denver landscape design? Just consider where you would like to gaze, or have the perfect landscape view created by contacting Lifescape Associates.



Don’t forget these Winter Lawn Care Tips

During the winter season in Colorado, while much of the landscape is dormant and the ground is frozen, it can be easy to forget that your landscape still needs care. Since you are not really mowing the lawn and trying to plant a garden, that’s no reason to bypass winter lawn care. Take a look at a few tips you don’t want to forget this winter season.

checking soil moisture

Checking soil moisture. Photo Credit: sunset.com

Turf mites and winter kill can be a problem over the winter months. If there are long periods were there is no precipitation, lawns can dry out and decline. It will help if you put a note on your calendar to check your lawn’s soil moisture each month and water as needed, of course if the ground is not frozen. And remember to pay special attention to south and west facing areas, these areas will dry out faster. Slope are another area that needs more frequent checking because they also dry out faster than flat areas.

Have you started to preparing your Denver landscape for winter yet?


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Protecting your Yard from Freeze Damage

Living in Colorado, you come to figure out that during the winter, things freeze. Your precious plants and sprinkler system are two specific things in your landscape that are vulnerable to freeze damage.   With Front Range temperatures dipping to 27 degrees and lower last week, it’s important to know how to protect your landscape plants and sprinkler system from the freezing cold.

For your plants

  • Cover your plants and vegetables at night, but do not use plastic.
  • Fabrics are best for covering your plants. Ex. towel, blanket, sheet.
  • backflow prevention deviceSo your plants can breathe, leave air space below the cover.
For your sprinkler system
  • Make sure to turn the valve handle (on backflow device) to a 45 degree angle.
  • Wrap the backflow device in a towel for insulation.
  • Cover and secure the entire device with a plastic bag and duct tape at the bottom to keep moisture out.

Have questions or need professional landscape assistance for your Denver area yard, contact Lifescape by calling 303-831-8310.

Source: alcc.com