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Spring is Almost Here… Is Your Irrigation System Ready?

Your irrigation system may be the last thing on your mind throughout the winter. However, late winter is the time to make sure your irrigation system is ready to go for the upcoming growing season and especially since conditions have been drier and drought is still of concern. The last thing you (and your landscape) need is to discover the system isn’t working properly when you need to start using it regularly.

Over the next month or so, you’ll need to start checking your system’s operational functions and addressing any issues that you discover. Below are a few points to consider.

1. Battery Replacement –  Make sure you change the batteries if your irrigation controller is battery operated. You may need to re-set the date, time, and irrigation program.

2. Weekly Maintenance – At least once a week you should do a visual inspection while your irrigation system is running. Ensure there is adequate – but not excessive – coverage and that sprinkler heads and screens remain free of dirt and debris.

3. Monthly Maintenance –  Our diverse geography and varied seasonal climates may mean changing your irrigation program on a monthly basis to compensate for cooler, warmer, wetter, and dryer weather.

Additionally, always repair any obvious leaks or malfunctions as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your landscape.

irrigation system

Taking care of your sprinklers is a key element of your Denver landscape maintenance. For more sprinkler start-up information, read our Landscape & Sprinkler Care Guide. Please give Lifescape a call at 303-831-8310 for personal assistance in readying your irrigation system for the warmer months ahead.

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Consider Adding Firewise Plants in Your Landscape

It’s been a rather dry winter and with warmer weather on the horizon, it’s a good time to consider adding some firewise plants to your landscape. These plants are a valuable addition primarily because they can help protect your home and property during fire season. In most cases, firewise plants are ones that retain a significant amount of moisture, preventing them from igniting as easily as other plants.

The Associated Landscapers of Colorado shared some extremely helpful information, as well as a list of plants that can help protect your home during the upcoming fire season in a recent issue of its Tip of the Week. Many landscaping and ornamental plants can be engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds. Replacing those flammable plants with low-growing, firewise counterparts, such as the following, can protect your investments while still creating a beautiful scene:

  • Corsican Violet. These flowers do well in rock gardens as well as in the midst of a hot summer. Their vibrant purple blooms are attractive and the plant will seed itself in an ideal growing situation.
firewise plants for colorado landscapes

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  • Colorado Wildflowers. Our native wildflowers provide year round interest. You can sprinkle the seeds in a cleared area. Many are perennials, which means you will enjoy them for years to come.
firewise plants for colorado landscapes

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  • Low-growing Sedum. There are approximately 400 species of this attractive and hearty succulent that loves direct sun and heat.
firewise plants for colorado landscapes

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Additional information on firewise landscaping and plants, visit the Colorado State University Extension and Colorado State Forest Service websites.

Contact Lifescape to begin designing a firewise landscape. Our professional landscape designers can help select the best plants for your Colorado landscaping.

The Proper Way to Care for Poinsettias

Do you have left over Poinsettia’s from your holiday celebrations? With proper care and attention, these lush indoor plants can continue thrive and provide much needed color for weeks. With extra special attention, this year’s Poinsettias will be ready to ring in your next New Year as well.Poinsettia

How To Take Care of Your Poinsettias Year Round

  • The Basics. The Poinsettia’s famous crimson hue is not a part of the flower, but rather the flower “bracts”. The actual flowers bloom less noticeably and are yellow in color. Make sure you choose Poinsettias that look healthy, have intact leaves, and tightly folded flowers.
  • Preferred Environment. Poinsettias love the sun so keep them in a brightly lit area of your house. Also, consider your heater vents, or any cool drafts, as a moderate climate is best. They will maintain their deepest color in temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit – the cooler the better.
  • Hydration. If your plant was wrapped in decorative foil, puncture holes in the bottom and place it on a waterproof surface. Water them regularly to keep the soil moist.
  • Poinsettia Preservation. If you want to make the Poinsettias a permanent addition to your interiors or landscape, use a fertilizer every two weeks (one with equal parts phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen). Prune the plants in June and at the end of September keep them in the dark for 14-hours per day. The color will begin to return in November.

For more tips and ideas on designing and maintaining the landscape of your Denver home contact Lifescape today at 303-831-8310.

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Don’t Miss Our Winter Hardscape Discount!

There’s no time like the present for planning and executing your 2013 hardscape ideas. Hardscapes are a wonderful way to increase the appeal of your landscape architecture Colorado, but in order to look their very best, your filler softscapes need time to grow.

natural hardscape by Lifescape Associates

‘Tis the Season to Begin Your 2013 Hardscape Projects

Not only does it take time for your landscaping features to settle in and thrive, acting now could save you thousands of dollars. Lifescape is offering amazing hardscape discounts on all hardscaping components and construction between now until February. That gives you just enough time to come in and begin your hardscape design plans so you’ll know exactly what you need to order and purchase for your upcoming Colorado landscaping projects.

Need some hardscape inspiration? Consider the following:

  • Are your driveways chipped, cracked, or just plain boring? Pavers will give you an artistically designed driveway entrance which stands up to Colorado’s harsh climate.
  • Have you always dreamed of having a water feature? We are experts and designing and constructing natural water features that will enhance the aesthetic – and the energy – of your backyard landscape.
  • Want to expand your patio to include an outdoor eating area? With the right design elements, your new outdoor eating area, complete with a grill station and fire pit, can add hundreds of square feet to your living space and will be comfortable year round.

Contact Lifescapes for more ideas on how to make the most of your landscape architecture Colorado before our books begin to fill up this Spring.


Lifescape Associates Spreads the Warmth

Denver landscape architectureAt the holidays we are reminded that a little extra generosity is in order, so all of us here at Lifescape Associates were very excited to participate in the Spread the WarmthTM campaign created by Dream Wise Marketing Solutions.
This fantastic community service initiative has distributed over 1,000 gloves and other winter clothing items to residents of Colorado since 2009. The gloves are sent out to recipients who are in turn asked to give them to someone they know or meet who is in need. Dream Wise then collects the stories of giving, further inspiring people to spread the love in their communities.
We’re glad to be a part of this great project and will be sure to share our stories with you. Stay tuned to the blog to hear more, and be sure to check out this awesome project.
Do you have a story of giving to someone in need, or of being helped by a kind-hearted stranger? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!
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