Weekly Services

Lifescape offers weekly or bi-weekly garden and irrigation services, weekly turf and irrigation services and
irrigation design, repair and retrofits for water efficiency

Fine Gardening

Our garden detail services are tailored to meet
the individual needs and expectation of our
homeowners. We offer weekly and bi-weekly
gardening with dedicated routes and trained
crews lead by a horticulturist.


Enhancements are small projects designed to restore beauty, life and functionality to an existing landscape. Upgrade a cracked or misshapen patio or walkway with better materials, refresh an overgrown planting bed with new life and color, replace outdated landscape light¬ing with state of the art LED lighting, or upgrade your existing irrigation clock with a smart controller for water-wise efficiency

Water Management

Leading the industry in green and sustainable initiatives, Lifescape is committed to conserving our precious resource, water. We have converted to 100% ET (evapotranspiration) irrigation controllers. Smart controllers help preserve your landscape, the environment and save you money.

Seasonal Color

Seasonal color adds life and interest to your landscape. Our skilled team will help design and install annual beds and containers that bring year-round enjoyment.
– Spring annuals
– Container planting
– Fall annuals and bulbs
– Holiday/Winter containers

Snow Removal