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Best Container Vegetables for Winter Gardens

When winter hits Colorado, you can still bring your own homegrown vegetables to the table. Container gardening provides an easy and convenient way to continue growing many types of produce even when your regular garden beds have frozen. Here are some vegetables to consider growing this winter.


Source: Wikimedia Commons


This vitamin packed super food is easy to grow and tolerates cool temperatures. When extreme weather hits, you can simply move it inside or put it in a cold frame. Like many other greens, you can harvest several kale leaves as you need them and the plant will sprout new growth for later consumption. In addition to providing exceptional nutrition, kale can add textural interest to your container garden.

snow peas

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Peas can be enjoyed in salads, casseroles or just as a tasty vegetable side, and they grow well in containers into the colder winter months. As a cool weather crop, they grow best in cooler temperatures and stop producing by late spring or early summer.


Source: Wikimedia Commons


Like many greens, this spicy salad green is easy to grow in containers. Its dainty edible flowers can also add extra visual interest to your container garden design.


Source: Wikimedia Commons


Most varieties of lettuce can be grown in containers. If you want a quicker harvest, choose a fast growing variety, such as Jade Gem, which can supply you with fresh salad throughout the cooler months. Besides being versatile and easy to grow and harvest, lettuce can be grown in more shallow containers than many other vegetables.

baby carrots

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Root vegetables, like carrots, need deeper containers than the other vegetables mentioned above, but as long as they are given sufficient space and enough soil to stay warm, carrots do fine as a container garden vegetable.

Let us do the work and help you enjoy fresh vegetables all year long. Our talented crew at Lifescape Colorado enjoys creating beautiful and functional container gardens for our customers. Whether you want a vegetable container garden or you prefer festive container arrangements to match the season, contact Lifescape Colorado for a consultation today.

5 Container Gardening Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

Winter gardening in Colorado isn’t impossible, but it will require a few changes on your part. If you don’t want your landscape to look like a bleak midwinter snowstorm, container gardening is a wonderful way to enjoy winter interest on your patio and around other areas of your yard.

container garden

Keep your container garden going this winter with a few of these helpful gardening tips. Source: Lifescape

You can even enhance your container’s visual impact by adding some inanimate seasonal and/or holiday cheer. However, before you dive into your next project, there are a handful of container gardening mistakes you should keep in mind. Here are five you’ll want to avoid this winter.

  • Buying pots that aren’t suited for our climate. Make sure you purchase pots that can handle freezing temperatures without cracking or falling apart.
  • Filling and planting the container in the wrong spot. A full container is a heavy container and moving it can be back-breaking work. Place your containers where you want them, and then fill them with rich organic soil that will help nourish plant roots all season long. If you want to keep your containers mobile (recommended if the containers aren’t sheltered), purchase containers with wheels or buy small platforms on castors to make the move easier.
  • Not paying attention to each plant’s individual needs. In an effort to plant a beautiful and proportional container garden, it’s easy to forget that different plants have different needs in terms of sun, soil and water. Make sure to grow plants that have similar needs, so they remain collectively healthy.
  • Over/under watering. First, make sure your containers have ample drainage holes, so you don’t have to worry about root rot. Then, pay attention to each plant’s watering needs. Most containers need to be watered everyday or every-other-day.
  • Neglecting fertilizer. Fertilizer doesn’t last as long in containers as it does in the ground. Therefore, containers need to be fertilized more frequently.

Lifescape Colorado specializes in customized holiday container gardens for the winter and holiday seasons. Contact us today to plant, maintain, or spruce up your winter container garden.

Preparing for Ice Melt Season in Colorado

Ice melt season is exciting because it signals the return of spring and sunshine. However, the combination of warm days and freezing nights requires a certain level of diligence to keep walkways and drives free of slippery ice. Unfortunately, most ice-melt products contain some form of salt, and the accumulated runoff from these products can be detrimental to your existing landscape and soil.

Don’t forget that Lifescape offers year-round Colorado hardscaping services, and we’re happy to provide professional assistance maintaining your hardscape and planters. In the meantime, the following tips will protect your landscape from ice melt season in Colorado.


Source: Gardening with Confidence® via Houzz

Be proactive. Using de-icing products before the freeze requires less product overall and makes the cleanup much easier. This method is called anti-icing. Many municipalities have found that spraying surfaces with a 30 percent de-icing product mixed with 70 percent water is more effective than using solid products, which can be blown away and/or tracked indoors.


Source: U. of Maryland Arboretum & Botanical Garden via Houzz

Use ice melt products sparingly. You may not need as much product as you think. Find the right balance between enough ice-melt product to do the job, but not so much that excessive quantities make their way into surrounding planter beds.


Source: Addison Landscape & Maintenance, Inc. via Houzz

Dry don’t sweep. Rather than sweeping the ice melt off the sides of drives and walkways or into the gutter, let the water evaporate. Then, sweep up the remaining salt debris and dispose of it. The combination of using bare minimum product and not sweeping salty water into planter beds will do much to mitigate landscape and soil damage.


Source: Sweet Dirt Designs via Houzz

Use containers or wide borders. If runoff from ice melt has been a problem in the past, use this spring to rethink your landscape design. Try leaving a larger border between the edge of your walkways or drives and your plantings. If this isn’t possible, use extra mulch along the borders to protect underlying soil. Then, use frost-resistant containers to keep the plants above ground. Raised beds are also an option for these locations.

Contact Lifescape Colorado to learn more about our winter landscape services or to begin making your spring and summer Colorado landscape plans.

Add Holiday Cheer to Winter Container Gardens

Your home isn’t the only place to add holiday cheer this year. There are plenty of ways for you to create a festive atmosphere by adding holiday colors to your Colorado container gardens. From dogwood branches, to vibrant mosses and ornamental twigs, your containers can add visual interest all winter long.

We’ve put together a list of ideas for some inspiration. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things you have to do to get ready for the holidays, our Lifescape maintenance team can take care of your landscaping for you.

photo 5

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Transform an old container. We all have one or two containers that stare forlornly at us once cold weather comes around. These are the perfect place to begin. By adding a mix of evergreen boughs, grasses, pine cones, or other winter-inspired accents, your old containers will add festive cheer within half an hour or less.

photo 2

Design by Lifescape Colorado

photo 3

Design by Lifescape Colorado

One container – four seasons. With a little planning, you can create a container garden designed to be interesting all year long. By choosing a few plants that will last through the season, you can then select seasonal additions for your container. A pumpkin accent you added for fall can be replaced with faux gifts wrapped in colorful or metallic wrappings for winter.

photo 4

Design by Lifescape Colorado

The power of redtwig dogwood. We recommend investing in a redtwig dogwood. This deciduous shrub loses its leaves and, as its name implies, leaves vibrant red branches behind. They’re beautiful left standing naturally, or you can cut some of the branches and use them for container arrangements. They look beautiful paired with an evergreen plant, like a dwarf spruce or holly, or simply stuck into the soil with a blanket of vibrant green moss.

photo 1

Design by Lifescape Colorado

What are some of the ways you add holiday cheer to your Colorado container gardens? We would love to hear your ideas. Or, let us know if the Lifescape team can help you add festive accents to your garden space.