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Luxe in the Landscape

Are you looking to upgrade your Denver or Boulder home landscape to add the look of luxury. A luxurious landscape is not only visually appealing, it also enhances your outdoor living experience. From water features (waterfalls, fountains and spouts) to fire ( fireplace and fire pit), to outdoor art (sculptures, statues and etc.), the look of luxe can incorporate a variety of different landscaping concepts.

Take a look at a landscaping project Lifescape Associates completed that has the look of luxe.

Are you ready for your Denver/Boulder area home landscape to enhance your outdoor lifestyle? Lifescape Associates can provide your landscape with luxurious features and concepts that will create the perfect back or front yard retreat for you and your family.  Contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310

Light Up the Landscape at Night

Now that we are experiencing shortened days and chilly nights, it is time to brighten up our landscapes to make them safer and look more interesting. In the early evening hours, take a look around your Denver area home to see what areas need some brightening up. Here are a few things to look for:

  • The sidewalk steps should be well lit for evening guests.
  • Your address number should be clearly seen.
  • Are there any areas where lighting can enhance the dramatic shapes of trees and/or structures within the landscape?
  • Are there areas where you would feel more secure if they were better lit?
  • If you are putting your home on the market soon, outdoor lighting is one of the top items that add curb appeal.

If you live in the Denver or Boulder area and need professional help designing and installing the right lighting plan for your landscape, contact Lifescape Associates by calling 303-831-8310.


Outdoor Lighting Options for your Home

When it comes to enjoying your backyard after the sun has set, you really need the proper lighting to set the mood and provide adequate illumination. You must think of your outdoor lighting as having a dual personality. On the one hand, a particular lighting is great for adding sparkle and ambiance to your evening soirees, but on the other hand you have to have the right amount for safety reasons.

Here are a few lighting outdoor lighting fixtures you may want to consider.

  • Torches and Candles – wonderful for setting a casual mood, best when lining a path or surrounding a patio
  • Lanterns – great for lighting entryways, paths and gardens
  • Outdoor chandeliers –  great for setting the mood lighting in outdoor dining spaces
There are plenty of ornamental fixtures available today that will add a certain magical warm glow to your outdoor living spaces. If you need a professional to design and install a landscape lighting plan for you Denver area home, contact Lifescape Associates at 303-831-8310.










Solar Lighting in the Garden

Don’t simply enjoy your beautiful garden during the day. Illuminate your garden with solar lighting that creates soft pools of light that make trees, accent rocks, plants and more look interesting at night. It does not matter whether you have a vast landscape or a cozy urban terrace, lighting your garden at night will create a dramatic atmosphere that will enhance your sundown garden experience.

Why solar lighting?

Well, there are cases when buried wires for electric lighting are impracticable and very costly. Solar lighting could be the alternative you need to create the desired look for your landscape or outdoor room. Solar lighting can stay outside during any weather and have batteries that will hold a charge better. They also come in a variety of colors and in various watts.

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Contact Lifescape Associates if you are interested in how illuminating your landscape can enhance the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.