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Extend a warm welcome to family and friends with beautiful holiday lighting and décor

The neighborhoods around Denver take holiday lighting seriously and offer some of the most extravagant lighting displays in Colorado. Hiring a professional such as Lifescape Colorado to illuminate your landscape this holiday season will help you create your own magical holiday display and save you time, effort and the frustrations that can come with this annual task.

Enjoy a full spectrum of holiday lighting and décor options.

Go beyond candles in the windows. To create a holiday home showstopper, Lifescape offers a rich menu of beautiful and festive options like lush greenery, natural garlands, wreaths, natural holiday foliage in festive containers and more. Of course we specialize in lighting your rooflines, adding ground lighting, shrub lighting and spectacular tree lighting!

We are the tree lighting specialists.

Our lighting experts will help create a festive atmosphere throughout your property with beautiful tree lighting options. We work year round with trees of all shapes and sizes, so we can safely tackle the biggest projects. We will wrap trunks and limbs on your deciduous trees for stunning effect and elegantly design lighting for your evergreens.

Our services don’t end with the installation.

The Lifescape Colorado pro’s will come back after the holidays to carefully remove and pack away your lights and decorations, so they’ll be ready for next year. We can even store them for you. Enjoy the beauty of the season without the time-consuming hassle of climbing ladders, packing boxes and enduring the sub-freezing temperatures of January.

Now is the ideal time to begin the process. Contact us today to learn how Lifescape Colorado can help you light up the holidays and delight family and friends alike with a stunning outdoor holiday display.



Romantic Garden Designs

Colorado garden designs can be used to create a romantic landscape. Using a combination of location, privacy, hardscaping, landscape features and lighting, you can have an outdoor room that works equally well for candlelit dinners, tea with a friend, or a quiet spot to retreat from the world.

Here are five tips for incorporating a romantic oasis in your backyard garden.


Source: CM Glover via Houzz

Choose the right location. Select a spot that’s flat enough to accommodate a table, chairs and a chaise lounge or two. When you stake dimensions, make sure you factor in space taken up by expanding branches and foliage, so it won’t feel cramped. Think about how the location will be affected by elements year-round. That way, you’ll have the right amount of sun, shade and wind protection.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Privacy. Romance requires a certain amount of privacy. From live borders and covers in the form of plants and trees, to legitimate structures, there are multiple ways to create your desired level of privacy. Select a combination of physical barriers, such as a planted trellis or beautiful wood panels, as well as container gardens, shrubs and trees to separate your romantic getaway from the rest of your garden.


Source: Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design via Houzz

Hardscape features. Work with a professional landscape architect and designer to plan the layout for your hardscape features. Depending on the dimensions you have available, you can consider water features, beautifully laid out pavers, a fire pit, or permanent planters and benches. Your landscape designer will know exactly how much is enough, and will find the ideal balance between inanimate and living landscape features.


Source: Jay Sifford Garden Design via Houzz

Landscape and foliage. Romantic gardens should benefit from year-round visual interest. Usually, gardeners aiming for a romantic ambiance will use plants with light colored or passionate blooms. We can help you select annuals and perennials that thrive in our Colorado climate.


Source: Pedersen Associates via Houzz

Lighting. The right lighting design will ensure your space is inviting, without being excessively bright after the sun goes down. A combination of downlights, twinkle lights and candles is ideal.

Contact Lifescape Colorado to begin planning a romantic Colorado garden design for your yard this spring.

Beautiful Lighting Types for Front Yard Gardens


Source: Root Design Company.com via Houzz

Beautiful outdoor lighting welcomes guests, enhances curb appeal and amplifies nighttime safety. At Lifescape Colorado, professional landscape designers take a comprehensive approach to our clients’ designs. In addition to planning attractive landscape and hardscape features, we will discuss lighting options that will bring your landscape to life at night.

The following are ways we implement our Colorado lighting services, adding beautiful illumination to front yard gardens.


Source: Noel Cross+Architects via Houzz


Creating an attractive outdoor lighting design is all about balance. Your design should incorporate a mix of entryway lights and pathway lighting. It should also utilize uplights and downlights to illuminate key landscape and hardscape features. The key is to strike the right balance of intensity. Ideally, the lights should be minimal at the end of the driveway, and then increase in volume and intensity as guests approach the front door.


Source: FORMA Design via Houzz


While beauty may be your main objective, safety should also be a priority. There are multiple options when illuminating paths and stairs. Traditionally, this is done using modest downlights that provide a direct source on the path. We can also build the lights into your hardscape features, such as your stairs or columns. Uplights will illuminate vertical surfaces, while simultaneously lighting walkways and porches.


Source: McKay Lighting via Houzz


Use your lighting design to highlight some of your favorite landscape features. Uplighting can highlight an impressive tree or shrub, while leaving enough shadowy recesses to provide privacy and a hint of drama. Adding lights to your water feature will create a magical glow and transform cascading water into a sparkling work of art.


Source: Gabberts Design Studio via Houzz


Once you have covered the basics, it’s time to have a little fun. Consider using light bulbs that are slightly tinted to avoid a harsh glow. For example, purchasing bulbs or light fixtures with gold or orange glass will create a warm glow. You can even incorporate small lights in a covered porch, reminiscent of the night sky.

Lifescape Colorado offers full-service landscape maintenance to keep gardens looking their best, refreshing your lights as needed. Contact us to learn more about our Colorado lighting services.

Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Look out your window. How inspiring would you say your front yard is? If there’s any hesitation, it may be time to consider how to revamp your landscape design to optimize the views from both the inside and outside of your home. Indeed, curb appeal can go both ways.

One consideration that often gets overlooked when designing a front yard is it’s exact relationship with the size, shape, style and even colors of the home and its exterior. As Leslie Land of the New York Times told BHG, “You need to design for curb appeal based on the size and shape of your house and how it relates to the street.”


Source: Meissner Landscape, Inc via Houzz

Remember perspectives and scale. Individual flowers will not always be noticed from the street or from inside the home. What will be noticed are groupings of flowers and arrangements of larger plants, shrubs and trees.


Source: Argia Designs Landscape Design & Consultation via Houzz

Say goodbye to any unsightly views. Anything less than stunning can be strategically hidden with attractive fencing or other landscape features. And with the right landscape design, views can be just as beautiful and intriguing during the fall and winter as they are in the spring and summer.


Source: Dan Nelson via Houzz

Hardscapes can be designed to echo architecture and provide contrast to foliage and flowers, while landscape lighting can highlight standout features even at night.

As you can see, curb appeal is much more than just a mowed lawn and pruned plants. Landscaping for curb appeal requires strategic design and a deep understanding of lines, shapes, forms and textures. You should also consider how they relate and work together to create a harmonious look and feel.

Onlookers should not be the only ones reaping the benefits from the time, money and imagination you invest into your landscape. And if you’re afraid of being too self-serving, just remember the great point Billy Goodnick makes: “When was the last time a stranger stopped the car, knocked on your door and told you your garden looked great?”

Call the experts at Lifescape to see how we can turn your views into a work of art.

Discounts on Lighting Projects installed between now and February!

Kichler lighting LifescapeMore than likely you’re arriving home in the dark since daylight savings. It is important to know that landscape lighting is very necessary for creating a secure and comfortable home. The best lighting whether inside or outside is LED lighting. Increase the security of your home with the addition of LED lighting in your landscape.  LED lights now have a natural warm color, use less energy, and are warrantied for years.

Lifescape uses Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting and Kichler Lighting for outdoor lighting. Take a look at a few facts about these companies and LED lighting.

  • In business for 25 years, Vista Lighting has a well-established reputation for high quality products.
  • Kichler Lighting has been developing lighting since 1938.
  • LED light fixtures and bulbs are warrantied for over 10 years and are almost no maintenance with 80% energy savings.
  • LED colors are now warmer resulting in pure white light.
  • Environmentally friendly, LED bulbs can last up to 20 years.

Are you interested in LED lighting for your Denver or Boulder landscape? Call Lifescape today to take advantage of discounts on all lighting projects installed between December and February! 303-831-8310.