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A Colorado Gardener’s December Checklist

For many in Colorado, December’s cold weather offers a great excuse to huddle indoors next to a warm fireplace. However, for the Colorado gardener, December is also the time for specific garden and landscaping tasks. Here is the checklist for making the most of your landscape during this festive, yet chilly month.


Source: The Garden Consultants, Inc. via Houzz

Repair hardscape features

By December, many plants have died or have gone dormant. Furthermore, arbors and trellises that were once covered are now exposed. Therefore, this is a convenient time to repair broken slats and beams.

Also, check your walkways for broken pavers and other safety issues. Fallen leaves or snow covering a walkway can hide these problems and create a tripping hazard.


Source: Janet Paik via Houzz

Prune evergreens and decorate for the season

Shape up your evergreens and keep them healthier by pruning them. December is a great time for this as most will be dormant or partially dormant. Save the trimmings for wreaths, table centerpieces and other seasonal decorations.


Source: Kaufman Construction Design and Build via Houzz

Add mulch

Landscape maintenance is a year-round activity and mulching plants is a vital part of this process, especially in fall and winter. Even if mulch was applied in autumn, you should check it in December to make sure it has not blown away or lost depth. Mulch should be at least between 3 to 5 inches deep to offer the best protection for your plants.


Source: Studio AB via Houzz

Maintain your walkways

Prevent guests from slipping on icy walkways. Use sand on concrete and special de-icing chemicals on wood or tile.


Source: Paintbox Garden via Houzz

Add hardy trees and shrubs

Hardy shrubs and trees can be planted any time of the year. If your landscape is lacking winter charm, adding these can bring new life and added visual interest. If you do not want to add them right now, make a note to yourself of the areas in which you wish to plant them in the future.

For professional advice and assistance with your December landscaping needs, contact Lifescape at 303.831.8310. We provide year-round landscape and gardening services, including maintenance, planting, architecture and construction.

Magical Outdoor Lighting


Design by Lifescape

Lighting is an integral part of your Denver outdoor living design. In addition to utilitarian reasons, like safety and the ability to see the people you are spending time with, lighting creates a magical ambiance. Plus, you can use specialty lighting to highlight your landscape design features, or create multiple areas where people can sit or congregate into the late night hours.

Interestingly enough, many of the design principles we use in our landscape designs are integrated into lighting designs such as layering, visual focal points and creating a theme. Here are some tips for implementing those ideas into your own outdoor lighting plan. Always make sure your lights are rated for outdoor use.

Better Homes and Gardens

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Layer your lights. Just as we recommend creating different layers and textures with your living landscape, your outdoor lighting can be layered as well. By combining low lights, spot lights and lights specifically designed for water features, your yard will come alive at night. Consider using solar lights to illuminate pathways and plant beds. Spotlights highlight trees, shrubs and other special plants.


Source: RJK Construction Inc via Houzz

Don’t forget the stairs. Take special precaution when illuminating stairways or uneven pathways. You can use solar lamps at the edges of the walkways. Or, if you’re in the process of planning your hardscape design, talk to us about incorporating the lights into your stairs for a streamlined look. You can also add lighting into your walls or columns, which serve as a safety features, but can also create a lovely, subdued glow.


Source: Richard Hughes Design, Architect via Houzz

Overhead luminaries. This is where your garden magic really comes to life. There are so many creative options for overhead illumination. By adding these lights, you’ll be able to enjoy an ambient light source that provides a soft, gentle glow for late night conversations. A grid pattern can be used for a symmetrical and even light source. Lights can be strung between the structure of your home and surrounding trees, with no additional support system required. Twinkle lights are always a beautiful addition to your nighttime patio and backyard landscape.

Contact our Lifescape design team to help light up your Denver outdoor living design.


Project Spotlight: Cherry Hill

12-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

Looking for some landscape architecture inspiration for your luxury Colorado home? We invite you to take a photo tour of an exquisite Cherry Hills property, which our team here at Lifescape Colorado recently finished designing and renovating. Located in the suburbs of Denver, this impeccable residential landscape has it all – recreation, entertainment and an elegant, dynamic design.

This photo taken before we began renovating really captures the state of the space, which was intended to be a garden. However, the homeowners later realized they did not have the time to invest in it.

11-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

This shot of the front yard shows how we were able to bring the landscape to life with vibrant, xeric and native plants, as well as a sophisticated layout with a manicured look.


An action shot taken during the construction process shows our team filling the 8-inch thick concrete walls surrounding the tennis court and outdoor living area.

01-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

A luxurious outdoor living room was designed with a TV, cedar covering and limestone fireplace for relaxation and versatile entertaining. The TV can even lower into the stone counter to maximize entertaining possibilities.

06-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

At this angle, you can really see the gorgeous palette created with the combination of the cedar arbor and large, limestone fireplace.

02-Cherry Hills Residence-A

Design by Lifescape Colorado

The expansive stone terraces offer multiple opportunities to enjoy wonderful views of the pools, tennis court and Colorado Front Range.

04-Cherry Hills Residence-A

Design by Lifescape Colorado

A built-in fire pit spanning seven feet in diameter creates the perfect space for people to enjoy a cozy and warm get-together outdoors. Notice how we carefully chose stone veneers for the hardscaping to harmonize with the home’s exterior.

07-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

In addition to a grand fireplace and luxurious furniture, we added amenities like a ceiling fan and refrigerator to make relaxing and entertaining in this outdoor room all the more comfortable and luxurious.

08-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

We designed these container arrangements of colorful, cascading annuals to contrast the earthy neutrals of the stone veneers.

09-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

A gorgeous granite bar allows users to enjoy a front-row view of the action on the tennis court from the covered bar area.

10-Cherry Hills Residence

Design by Lifescape Colorado

As if the regulation tennis court modeled after the Centre Court at the US Open wasn’t enough, we also designed stunning stone veneer stadium seating.

We’re excited to announce that Lifescape was one of PLANET’s 2013 National Landscape Awards of Excellence Award Recipients. We’re extremely honored to have been recognized for both our Cherry Hill Residence design and build and for our Colorado Golf Club project!

From planting beautiful, drought-tolerant gardens to designing and constructing entire hardscapes, our team of horticulture experts and landscape architects here at Lifescape Colorado can help you turn your Colorado home or commercial property into an outdoor oasis.

To see more examples of our gardening, landscape architecture and construction work, browse through the gallery on our website. Then, when you’re ready to discuss a potential residential or commercial landscape project, contact us at 303-831-8310.


Kid-centric Colorado Landscapes

Encourage kids to spend less time in front of a screen and more time in the great outdoors with a kid-friendly landscape. And with the help of a professional, you can achieve a fun landscape that is also sophisticated in style. A thoughtful design can creatively integrate style with functionality that’s fun! Here are some fantastic kid-centric landscape design ideas.

Set the Stage for Creativity 

Most kids love to draw, and you can provide a space just for that outdoors with a custom backyard fence design that includes a chalkboard paint wall. It’s a no-mess, no-stress solution for uninhibited creativity.

landscape architect colorado

Source: Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture via Houzz

This unique and versatile deck serves as a stage for kids to perform on while also making a great lounge area that adds chic interest to the landscape.

deck building colorado

Source: Clive Nichols via Garden Design

A House of Their Own

A playhouse gives kids a space where they can let their imaginations run free. Clever playhouse designs like this hobbit house can blend with the rest of the landscape, pleasing both kids and parents.

lanscape architect denver

Source: Marion Brenner via Garden Design

Having a tree house is a childhood dream we can all relate to. A tree house can be custom designed by landscape professionals to complement the home exterior and landscape while achieving a cool design with exciting features like a zip line or a slide.

colorado landscaping

Source: Keith Willig Landscape Services, Inc. via Houzz

Play in Harmony 

To avoid play areas from clashing with the remaining landscape, playgrounds can be custom designed to look natural and blend beautifully with the natural surroundins. In this example, a magnificent tree trunk playground was designed to appear as if it was gracefully growing out of the ground.

playgrounds colorado

Source: V.I.Photography & Design via Houzz

Another great strategy is to incorporate terraced gardens into playgrounds to create a lush and seamless look that blends in harmoniously. Using the same type of wood for the garden retaining wall as the play structures creates a seamless look.

colorado landscape architect


If you are interested in putting the fun in a functional, kid-friendly landscape or any other improvements to your landscape or outdoor living spaces, contact Lifescape Colorado to learn about our professional landscape design services.

Making Beautiful Use of Your Side Yard

Is your side yard being put to use? Too often this space is neglected, but with a custom design that creatively uses space, that patch of land can be transformed into a beautiful and functional part of your Colorado landscape.

Add an arbor or gate. 

An arbor can act as an entranceway, attractively setting off the side yard from other yard areas. If the side of your yard is open to a busy street, a decorative gate can provide the privacy you need while adding to the aesthetics of your landscape.

Decorate it with permeable pavers and planters. 

Decorative pavers placed in interesting patterns can bring a whimsical or charming element to a boring side yard paths. Colored gravel is another great option for adding personality to this space.
Decorative urns used as planters or even fountains can dress up the side yard while also having the convenience of mobility. Urns can be moved if you want to change it up or if you need to open up the space.

Water Features

The sound of running water is always pleasantly serene. Adding a fountain to the side yard is a wonderful way to engage the senses and bring life to this space. If it the fountain can be seen through a window, it can be enjoyed while indoors, too.

Green it up. 

Plants add vibrant beauty while also adding privacy if it’s needed. Vertical planting on walls or fences can make the most of even narrow spaces. An overhead trellis covered with vines can create a romantic walkway that is protected from the elements. It can run the length of the side yard, or it can be implemented only over a sitting area.

Create a Cozy Dining Niche. 

A small table and a couple of chairs can instantly turn this space into usable outdoor living area. Hardscape features, such as pavers or crushed stone, can be added with the help of a professional landscaper to provide added stability for furniture. Surround the area with lush greenery and it becomes a quiet haven for enjoying your morning coffee or having an intimate lunch with a friend.

landscaping design ideas

Source: Carolyn Wesling via Houzz

Transforming your side yard can be a breeze when you have the help of a landscape design expert. Contact Lifescape today to learn more about our outdoor living design and hardscaping services.