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Lifescape Colorado Receives 2 Grand Awards at Landscapes 2017

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is the trade association for the landscape industry and represents the voice of more than 100,000 landscape professionals. Each year this organization hosts the NALP Awards Program at its Landscapes conference to recognize landscape professionals for their exemplary work at a national level. Lifescape Colorado is honored to have received two prestigious Grand Awards at the LANDSCAPES 2017 conference on October 19th in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Grand Award is the NALP’s top category and recognizes interiorscape, landscape, and lawn care professionals who design and create superior projects. The association judged all entries on the basis of difficulty, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and specific criteria listed for each category.

Below is an overview of the two projects that Lifescape Colorado received Grand Awards for:

Grand Award: Small Residential Design/Build Category

We received the Grand Award in the small residential design/build category for our York Street Revival project in Denver, Colorado. Lifescape Colorado was engaged to create a beautiful backyard makeover complete with an outdoor kitchen, dining area, pergola, lighting, fireplace, spa, plantings, hardscape, and more to compliment a 1920’s home. The project was executed over the course of three years and truly gave this historic home a new life.

Grand Award: Residential Landscape Management Category

We were honored to receive another Grand Award at the 2017 Landscapes Conference in the residential landscape management category with our Georgian Charm project in Englewood, Colorado. This project features Georgian-inspired architecture with a mixture of formal gardens and more relaxed meadows and plantings on a 2.5-acre site. After the initial install, Lifescape Colorado transitioned to a year-round garden management plan.

Since 1976 Lifescape Colorado has been completing quality, custom residential and commercial projects in the areas of landscape design, project construction, and customized maintenance programs. Our attention to detail, award-winning designs, and craftsmanship construction sets us apart from the competition.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you take your Colorado landscape to the next level.

Paver Systems for Hardscapes

Everyone wants a stunning backyard, an eye-grabbing landscape that pulls both residents and guests alike to the outdoors. But sometimes we tend to forget about the path one must take to get there.DSC_1763_SMe

Hardscapes are the walkways that connect home to garden, the patio you step outside upon and the driveways where we park our cars. It is still months away, but the freeze-thaw climate that is Colorado’s winter is right around the corner. It can cause concrete to crack, blemishes that can be difficult and expensive to fix.

PaversThe designers at Lifescape have replaced many cracked concrete driveways, patios and walks. When they consider paver systems for hardscapes, they look for strong, durable and environmentally friendly products from Belgard that have proven to stand the test of time.

Belgard comes with limitless options, allowing the hardscape to easily match your landscape design thanks to an array of colors and sizes to choose from. They are interlocking, so they move as a system, which means no cracking and there is little to no maintenance with pavers.

Hardscape DesignThey also feature permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICP) that can filter and direct stormwater to underground aquifers that helps to recharge local groundwater supplies. They eliminate standing water while aiding landscaping by reducing water demand and erosion.

Let our experts help you design the ideal hardscape for your home with a paver system that will blend seamlessly with your Colorado landscape. Call 303.831.8310 to set up your consultation today.

Now Is The Time To Focus On Your Hardscapes

With fall upon us and winter months coming, now is a great time to think about hardscapes.

Whether it’s a driveway, a stone path, a patio or even something more elaborate such as a fire pit or water feature; now is a great time to visualize the areas where you can perk up the beauty of your property and home.

Here are a few pictures of our past projects to inspire you for your next outdoor living project.

Pavers – Replace your old cracked concrete with decorative pavers.  Colorado’s freeze thaw climate in the winter causes concrete to crack and can be difficult and expensive to fix.

Pavers1 Pavers2 Pavers3


Stone Path or Walkway – A stone path doesn’t have to be something only used to traverse a section of your yard.  Take the time to plan and make it another beautiful addition to your landscape.

home_slider1Stone PathStone Path 2


Fire Pit – For something more elaborate, invest in your new social gathering spot and build a fire pit.  It is a great place to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and a warm fire.

Mountain Modern

residential-resort_cherry-hills-village_7Fire Pit Night Pool


Water – Take advantage of the charm a water feature can bring to any yard or garden.  It’s a great way to bring the design of your yard to the next level and the quiet ripple of the stream provides another great place to relax to let the stress of the day fade away.

Patio - Lifescape

Water FeatureWater Feature 2


Stylish Hardscapes for Gardens with Pets

Are you using this fall and winter season to plan beautiful landscape and hardscape designs for the warm season? Typically, we advise clients to take a moment to consider how the people in the household envision using the landscape and yard space before making any permanent plans. If you’re a pet owner, however, we recommend taking a few extra moments to consider how the animals in your life use your back and side yard.

Tips for Designing Stylish Hardscapes for Gardens with Pets

There’s no doubt about it; pets can wreak havoc on your landscape. The more you can identify your pets’ patterns in the yard, the better we can plan for stylish hardscape designs that will protect the look and function of your outdoor spaces without sacrificing style. Here are some design features to think about:

Pathways. Is there an area of the yard that Fido loves to race through? If so, we bet the plants, grass and other greenery in that area look a little worse for wear. Plus, if you’re not careful, a rogue branch or thorn can cause physical harm to an exuberant pet. Most animals are creatures of habit so why not convert this popular “run” into a bona-fide pathway, complete with pavers, concrete slabs, or pebbles.

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Source: Lifescape Colorado

Patios. Most pets have favorite snoozing or lounging zones. In the summer months, this is most likely a north-facing wall that provides a cool shady spot. In the winter, they may choose a southern- or western-facing area. These can be good spots to add a patio or deck space, easy to clean off year-round.

Hardscaping materials. Make sure your hardscaping materials are also pet-friendly. In most cases, we recommend pavers set with a little space in between them. They’re easy on paws, can be hosed down when needed and the spaces ensure excess water is recycled back into the ground. Plus, you can grow gorgeous greenery in between the spaces for a more natural look.

Ready to design pet-friendly and stylish hardscape features for your Colorado landscape? Contact Lifescape and we’ll be happy to help.

Go Green Between Patio Pavers


Source: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture via Houzz

Pavers are popular hardscaping tools, especially during the cold, winter months. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors and also work well for everything from water features to driveways to winding garden paths. Going green between patio pavers is a sustainable landscape practice, as well as an attractive way to add natural beauty to your hardscape.

The following examples show how balancing solid pavers and green space can enhance backyard designs.


Source: Windsor Companies via Houzz

The lawn that wasn’t

Water conservation is all well and good until you crave the feeling of green grass beneath bare feet on a warm summer’s day. By using large flat pavers, with generous space in between, you can design a “pseudo-lawn” area in your backyard. The space will require significantly less water than a traditional lawn, but will still provide the essence of a green area.


Source: Shirley Bovshow via Houzz

Natural water features

A water feature appears more integrated with the landscape when surrounded by natural stone pavers bordered with greenery. Grass isn’t your only option between pavers. A drought-resistant alternative that grows well in Colorado, Dymondia margaretae, will add a lovely green and silver accent, as well as texture. It forms a weed barrier, grows quickly and is soft on the feet.


Source: Rossington Architecture via Houzz

Hidden walkway

For areas where ground cover is more fragile, we recommend installing your pavers flush with the ground. In addition to providing sound footing, they’ll be low enough to avoid nicking lawnmower blades. They are also much less of a trip hazard.


Source: Cassy Aoyagi, FormLA Landscaping via Houzz

Green borders

If you’re planning on installing a solid patio or walkway slabs, use drought-resistant ground cover to form attractive borders and interruptions. Aesthetic improvement isn’t the only goal. These areas form a more permeable surface, allowing valuable water runoff to return to the ground where it’s needed.

Contact our team at Lifescape Colorado if you want to go green between your pavers. We provide Colorado hardscape services in addition to landscape design and year-round maintenance.